Saturday, January 30, 2010

Closing of January 2010

How time really flies! Before I knew it, January has come to its 30th day.

Let’s recap my first month of January.
Pathetic, am I not?
It’s my blog anyway so here goes…

Things I wish hadn’t happened but they happened anyway

1. My first outburst 2009. Read here. Things are back to normal. I hope there won’t be any second or third or fourth.
2. My morning tantrum when dealing with Iman refusing-going-to-school morning ritual. It’s hard to stay cool when you’re rushing to keep ahead of the traffic with a crying, clinging not-so-baby-anymore preschool at home.
3. My lawak bodoh in office. I’ll keep this one to myself tho.
4. My sharing of joy and worries with the wrong person. I told a particular someone, of something and next thing I know, other person whom I hardly spoken to, asked me about that something. And that something, is quite personal. I’ll keep my big mouth shut and be more careful with whom I should and should not share my thoughts with. Note to this person (as if that person reads my blog ha ha) - I have offered you a friendship, a close one but after all these, I think you deserve not.. sorry.

Things I wish happen but they apparently had not

1. My Y.E.S fund has not a single cent in it yet. Gaji lambat tak ada kaitan okay. Obviously I had spent more than I should in previous months (note the plural) and I am nursing a bleeding wallet. I was on allowance from Tebby so I can’t expect my fund getting any bigger now, can I?
2. Cook more for the family. This one was hard to come by. When I got home the kids had already eaten. Tebby doesn’t eat dinner after 8 so we opted for dinner outside before going back home.
3. Spend more time with Adam, when he’s awake that is. Quite a number of time, he has already slept when we got home. Lucky thing he still can tell whom the mother is. He knows who his ummik is and clings to me like there’s no tomorrow when I’m home.

What I think I deserve a-pat-on-the-back for

1. I read. I concluded my 5th book of 2009 today. And I am on the right track where buying books is concerned. Have spent like almost RM200 for the month, for books.
2. I did not do major (or even minor ones) shopping at all in January. Everytime I came across something I like, I always managed to make reasons why I should not buy those. Unlike those time when I reasoned out why I should buy things I don’t really need. Maybe it was because of my bleeding wallet anyway ha ha.
3. I started helping my friend out by selling cheese tart (with commission, so it's not really 'helping' here, kan). I may not be getting enough to buy meself a big chunk of bling-bling but it can fare for my meal for a day or two.

Those are mine in January. What's yours?

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