Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Life's Like That

My fren (perempuan), is married to a guy who earns like RM40k a month and the pay is being counter-offered with like ... er... RM60k, a month.

A conversation took plakce between me and Tebby this morning..

Keje kat mana?
O&G (Oil & Gas, bukan Obgyn yerr)
Kat pelantar ke?
Ofis plus pelantar. Safety, shipping, things like that.
Sure busy?
Of course, nothing comes free.
Funny thing is, he gets the money but not the time to spend it.
Well, he has a wife!
Ha ha ha.

Anyway, money is not everything tho it does add 'wonders' in your life atas muka bumi ni. Yang penting keberkatan that may or maynot come with it. But, if given like RM40k and keberkatan with it, sapa nak tolak kan?

In my own life, I've learnt that the more my husband earns, the lesser I see him.. hmmm.. Well, we can't have all, can we?


Farra said...

ganasnya 40K/month?? huhuuu wifey takyah koje aa gitu ..sure teruk kene tax tuhhh

btw, setiap org ada objektif yang berbeza ...dan priority masing-masing juga understanding this, we are able to respect each other

ummi said...

farra ~ iya.. 40k sebulan. ur right abt prorities and arah tuju hidup kita, semua org berbeza..

Puan Hanis said...

40k? fuhhhh

saya suka akaknye ayat yg ni "the more my husband earns, the lesser I see him"

tp kalo yg keje cam internet marketer
like irfan khairi....mungkin byk jugak kot masa dia kat umah...hehehe..agaknyalah....

y@tipruzz said...

ganazz...saya terus tekan calculator kira annual salary dia akakaka.

tp at least akak ade that friday evening routine together2 with en tebby...

ummi said...

Pn Hanis ~ unfortunately tho, tebby is not an internet marketeer. in fact kerja dia demands him being in the office, long meetings and travelling..

Yati ~ kannnn.. giler banyak gaji. and yezza, we still date, after all thses years. akak ada bibik yati,.. tak risau2 anak2 kat taska sangat... except Iman hu hu.