Sunday, January 17, 2010

Of Exercising & Re-Fuelling (with Nasi Minyak some more ha!)

Masih bersemangat. Woke Tebby up for Subuh and at 7.00am we started stretching, warming up and had a round of brisk walk until we sweat a bit. This time is was just around our housing area. Then we started running and only after like 5 or 10 minutes, I decided my legs could not cope with running so I walked. Fast. Tebby continued on running. I made like 3 rounds of fast walking and by the time I reached my gate, I was sweating like mad. It turned out that Tebby was looking for me so I just continued on playing with the kids, who were minding our little garden at that time.

After light brekkie (so light that Iman refused to eat anything, dia dah biasa heavy breakfast), terus started preparing Nasi Minyak. Semalam pegi pasar, we bought tulang rusuk with lots of meat still attached untuk lauk Nasi Minyak. You see, in the family which Tebby grew up in, Nasi Minyak can be dished out on any day of the year. Tak perlu tunggu raya or ada kenduri kawin. If they feel like it, it is then. This, flowed over to our nucleous family pulak. Funny thing is, since I started preparing early, we had our lunch at barely 11.30am! By 3.00pm, we were scrambling for something to eat! Dah lapor babe. Iman, telah makan Nasi Minyak itu, 1+3 uolss! 3 kali tambah, which is almost equivalent to 2 adult servings. Tak sia-sia Ummi masak. Of course under close supervision of En Tebby ha ha ha. Anyway, sorry peeps, no photos. Acik sebok makan. Sedor-sedor nasi dah habis :P

And know what, after 2 days of running (well err... walking), I think I am demam already... Tebby did mentioned tadi that next week we're going running again. Urghhh...

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