Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Adoration Of Jenna Fox - Buku 2 2010

Done reading this.

I am not good at writing book reviews but I'll try to part with some points. Jenna Fox, is a product of modern bio-tech. She actually did not survived a car accident but what her parents 'created' another Jenna, from 10% that was left of her.

This story is about her self discovery and how she was devastated to find out who, or rather what she was. And how she tried to fit in and lived normally. She lived for 260 years, 60 years more than what her parents expected. By then, she and people like her, were normal. In fact, they have something called 'The Jenna's standard'.

Me being a melodramatic-self, this book is rather straight. Not really my cuppa but I survived reading it from the beginning till end!


abi said...

seperti pernah dengar kisah seperti ini. tapi bukan buku. filem. Artificial Intelligence dan Bicentennial Man. :)

ummi said...

abi ~ thanks for sharing. look fwd to hearing you kalau ada buku2 yang best