Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Was down (yesterday) with high fever (38.5d!), coughing with phlegm, runny nose, headache and joint & muscle pain. Am on zithromax, paracetamol, clarinase, piriton and sweet tasting cherry flavor cough syrup. Having taken all that, apalagi, slept like a log (well, had I not taken all those, I'd be sleeping like a log as well sebenarnya).

Anyway, I am getting well.

The first thing dr asked was - Are you pregnant? When was your last period? I was trying hard to remember the date. Well, ohhh... I am having my period now *eyes roll* *termalu sendiri*

Anyway today is my fren's birthday. Had a little lunch (not so little and we had it at Flying Chillies in Gardens MV) ditaja oleh Pekerja Cemerlang. Dihadiri oleh few lunch-mates aka teman bergosip
To my fren - Happy V3.0 Birthday
From V3.6
To Pekerja Cemerlang - Thanks for the lunch.
From Pekerja x Berapa Cemerlang

So, how was your day?

ps - kalau nak tempek gambar yang ada muka akak kat fesbuk korang, tolonglah fotoshopkan dan touch-upkan apa-apa yang patut ek.


matasipit said...

wahhh flying chillies!
seronok kan gather2 nih.. :)

ummi said...

matasipit ~ sekali sekala makan besar best jua he he. pulak tu orang belanja...

Farra said...

wah zarid pekerja cemerlang ..good2
nxt time nk joinn aa

ummi said...

farra ~ join makan ke join pekerja cemerlang he he