Monday, November 05, 2007

[Birthday] [Tea Party] [False Alarm] [Open House]

[IMAN IS 3!]
He turned 3 last Saturday (3/11/2007). Unfortunately I was too tired and was not too well to prepare anything. Not even cakes or party packs to be shared with his kindy friends. I'll try to figure out something later, InsyaAllah. Happy 3rd Birthday Iman sayang!
(He had fever that night until mid Sunday -> poor young man!)

We had Saleh & his friend (the guys that turned our lawn into a little garden) over to do a bit of maintenance of our little lawn on Sunday. Since it was still Syawal, we invited them for a little tea and some cookies and cakes after they've done with their work. After they left, the kids took over and had some fun. Since it was outdoor, I did not really mind the spills and bits and pieces and how Iman dipped his hands many-many times in the 'air basuh tangan' served. And later immitated how Tebby sponged his body the night before.

Too soon for me, I can't even feel the contractions yet! After Asar yesterday, an emergency alarm went off. I was like 'alamakk!!'. We've just been in the new building for 2 months and we were not briefed of the safety procedure yet. Not knowing what else to do, I, along with the others, took the stairs.. right from the 14th Floor until we reached Ground. It was raining heavily outside so we flocked then cramped ourselves in the lobby. Barely 15 minutes later we were instructed to go back to our offices, without any explanation what-so-ever. At that time, people were still 'arriving'. I later heard rumors that the alarm went blaring by mistake. No wonder there was no BOMBA, ambulance and what-and-who should've been there. SMS-ed Tebby. His reply? ** Boleh! As in 'Malaysia Boleh', if you still don't get it.

Thanks for those who invited us. We could only managed one. Tebby's friend in Ampang Saujana. They were buddies since their UMIST days. Later another buddy joined and from the look of it, they had lots of fun. Menu included roast lamb, laksa johor (i had 2 servings), soto, fruits and some cold and hot drinks. Did not take much lamb - takut pening kepala yang sememangnya sedia pening. Those friends whose house that we couldn't make it, really sorry. Health did not (mine and Iman) permit us doing so.


aida said...

kak tie pergi ke jamuan raya T*? sungguh tak best!

ummi said...

aida ~ akak terlantar tak larat di rumah hari jumaat tu. kalau tak best, sib baik tak pegi he he

kaezrin said...

akak cuti x gi pun aida..saja je nyibuk perntanyaan aida

kak ti..saya nak tea party kat garden akak la...sya bwk kuih akak buat tea o..klekekekekeke

ummi said...

elin ~ jom.. kek buat yang kelihatan hebat itu yek..

Mat Gebu said...

Uikk!!....bestnya rumah siap ada 'wakaf' lagi u...bestnya dok gossip2 kat situ kan....sambil anyam2 ketupat (kalau masa raya)..atau zaman dulu2..dok cari kutu rambut antara satu sama lain..ahaksss...ampoonn!!!!