Thursday, November 01, 2007


[BABY 1]
Went for regular antenatal check-up yesterday. We left home just a little bit later than we usually do to work, so that the kids did not suspect that we were going somewhere else. Tebby was on leave and I was on my way to get an MC. Had a fever of 37.9d the night before, accompanied by nasty coughing and blocked nose. I even took 1/2 day off the 2-days (Mon & Tue) training I attended in Jalan Gurney. Could not tahan anymore. One time I was shivering cold, the next feverish hot.


Despite I am not eating well and vomit regularly (still), the baby is growing as it should be. And despite the fact that I am already wearing my maternity-wear at 13 weeks due to big bump I have, there's only one baby. During scanning, it was actively moving. The features are already defined. We could tell the head, the body, the hands, the legs and its backbone. It was moving about, hands flailing, legs kicking. When it touches my uterus wall, the momentum was almost like one of cosmonaught in space. And my motherly instinct strongly tells me, most probabyly it's going to be another boy this time around. And from the look of it, it has wide forehead like the rest of its siblings. I guess it runs in the family!

As for me, it seems I haven't even gained back the weight I had lost in the past 2 months. I eat poorly, I dislike the taste of milk, I can't take plain water and I eat small portion of lunch and if I'm lucky, dinner occasionally stays in my stomach. For that Dr Ashar prescibed me with 6 things. Put aside 2 medications for selsema and demam, I have 4 types to gulp down everyday, as to ascertain I have all the vitamins and nutritions I should for me and the baby.

I have small pimples, especially on my forehead. By stating 'especially', it means I have them all over my face. My skin gets oily and I have stopped using mosturiser altogether. I hate the smell of my perfume and I don't like to powder my face. I put on lipstick once in a while only. Luckily I still have my clothing coordinated or else I'll look like a lost clown. A boy huh?

I bought a pair of new sandals after being nagged by K Nor and Zarid, my colleagues. These are going to be part of my wardrobe till I give birth. Non-slip and comfy.

[BABY 2]
Iman tried to terjun tiruk from our dining table last few days. He left Tebby screaming and me throwing away whatever I have in my hands into the kitchen sink (I was doing the dishes that time). I managed to catch him just in time and my heart was thumping madly as if I had just ended a 100m running race. With him, there's never a dull moment. Like my MIL had with Tebby when he was small. He's almost 3 now. Still wakes up for milk at night. Loves choc-roll and absolutely adores me. Despite being an active boy, he still wants 'dukung' whenever in public. And despite me being pregnant, I still 'dukung' him. And despite Kakak's 'aaa aaa nanti ada baby ummi tak dukung iman lagi dahhh,... aaa... aaaa... tak tau...' he still 'sits' comfortably while Tebby or me panting for breath. He's more than 15kg. Imagine carrying a small cooking-gas tank, it's easier to put things into picture.

The photo below snapped before we dived into plates of steak at nearby steak-corner. Iman is a mini-me, male version, so they say.

[BABY 3]
Kakak will end her kindy in matter of a couple of weeks from now. And in no time she's gonna start her primary. When asked about her kindy exam, which is running this week, she confidently told us she could answer all except for just one question. We'll see about that during the Parents Day on this coming 10th, shall we. I am still ding-dong-ing on whether to send her to sekolah agama next year. I am thinking of postponing it till she's in Primary 2 but Tebby doesn't seem to agree. Despite being in the era of superkids, somehow, I want my kids to take things slowly. I don't want to rush things too much that they do not get the chance to be themselves, kids. Maybe I'll change my mind later after she's in Primary. As for Kakak herself, she just can't wait to start art class. Drawing to be exact. So like the father.

Photo below of Kakak, oblivious to me snapping this. Daydreaming about life in castle. Too much Barbie movies I guess.

[BABY 4]
The biggest and oldest baby I have. (Baby yang ini kalau merajuk.. lagi susah woo nak pujuk..). He just started another blog. If you compare, his writing differs from mine. He loves movies (which I seldom enjoy), he loves reading (he does more on educational and intellect reading, while I savor Impiana, Anjung Seri and the likes. Tengok gambar je banyak, bacanya tidak!). I hope he'll keep the momentum going. Unlike the first blog he had. He himself could not even remember the blog tittle.

And when I'm having a fever, be sure he's gonna sponge me even at the wee hours in the morning!


Mat Gebu said...

Cantik taman u..comel dan kemas...pokok frangiani (kemboja) yg u tanam kat taman tu kaler apa ek bunga dia?....pokok kegemaran mat tu!!!

ummi said...

bunga kaler pink. kita pun tatau nama dia glamer dia tu. kita tau kemboja ajek. kalau yang dark pink wangi bunganya kan. jiran sebelah punya kaler tu.

kaezrin said...

ummi iberet tuh tak serasi ngan has a lil bit of side effect it makes me mual but sometimes it works..u try first i stio taking it after 15 days..could stand it but i am better already after taking it for quite soem time..and it was abig relief bila dr ashar pun ckop i can take clarinase too...lega big time...i am meeting him a day after kire pro-long holiday la nanti

ummi said...

kaezrin ~ still too premature for me to comment on it. but today i'm feeling better (more on sbb tak yah pi ofis kot! on 2 days mc). and yes, the clarinese thing, lega sgt sbb mmg tak tahan kalau yang buat ngantuk2 tu.

yatipruzz said...

besar dah baby masya Allah bestnyer tgk....take care kak...hope u're getting better as days pass by!

ummi said...

yati ~ yes, i am getting better eventho not well and fit 100%. kata org ni, the more difficult it is, the more we'll love it in the end.

aida said...

tak thn tengok gambar kakak berangan

but it is a beautiful picture.. boleh jadi advertisement rumah atau laman rumah :D

ummi said...

aida ~ in person lagi tak larat nak layan dia berangan.. i tell you. kekadang tu dia buat cerita-ceriti pastu siap buat comprehension test kat ummi dgn abahnya. kalau salah jawab -> kena marah lagi.

Mat Gebu said...

eh ummi..silap eja pulak "frangiani" = "frangipani"....tapi yg unik kan setiap kaler lian bunga dia bau lain, mat ada tanam kaler merah pekat, pink, dan lagi satu tri-color...bau dia sedap kan...cantik garden u....