Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On Prolonged Morning Sickness

It's 2.30a.m. and I can't sleep. I did slept from 9.30p.m (or so) after a dose of paracetamol, ubat batuk and ubat selsema. Woke up to a grumbling in my stomach from hunger at almost 2.00a.m. Tried to get back to sleep but to no avail. Popped up a handful of Herseys and gulped down some chocolate milk. Tho the hunger slowly going away, I am still very much awake.

My morning sickness is persistenly, still here. As the name goes, it hits me the most in the morning. I'd be all pening and meloya-loya (spelling?) until almost noon. And as the sun descends, it'd all came back, leaving me too tired to even play with the kids. Among the 3, this one really takes a toll on me. I had hope by the end of my 1st trimester (I am now in my 13th week already), it'd all go away but I guess Allah decides to test me a little bit longer. Thanks to Tebby, who minds the kids. Dinner, playtime, TVtime, Q&A sessions. Thanks yang, I really appreciate that.

Lots of things happened in the past week but office tasks left me with no time. There was office Raya's celebration (which I missed - was on MC that day), Atfal Raya's celebration (which I also missed, Kakak went with Tebby only, not to frustrate her excitement, so to speak). We did not go to any of the open-houses or open-offices that we were invited to last weekend as well. And I totally forgot that this week Kakak is sitting for her final and last kindy exam before the real schooling starts next year.

I guess I'd better try to get some more sleep now. Hope thatI'd be better tomorrow onwards.


aida said...

semoga kak tie sihat :)

ummi said...

aida ~ i am praying so too!