Monday, September 10, 2007

The Not So Graceful 1st Day..


Itulah saya sejak seminggu kebelakangan ni. walaupun bukan saya yang pulun angkat barang dari tingkat 23 Menara ke tingkat *4 Annexe 2, but still... Weekend lepas pegi klinik, BP saya borderline nak jadi high BP - 135/85. Kira ni julung-julung kali BP saya mencatatkan bacaan that high. Ofismate yang concern ada jugak tanya-tanya - penat ke, serabut tak? Of course it was. The coordination between units, the management of barang-barang, the layout to sumbat things here and there. And the people. Ye lah semua pun manusia biasa kan. Ada kehendak itu ini. I hope lepas ni I won't be shifting office anymore ke mana-mana lagi dah. Even if so, janganlah saya yang kena coordinate.. Penat mak!

My flaming red cubicle

Lepas ni kena shift into gears and start my routine back.

The above was composed before 5.45p.m. today. Afterwhich I went down via the lift, along with a friend and her husband. On 9th Floor, came a pregnant lady and then a man (from the floor that I can't recall which). There were 5 of us. Suddenly the lift came to an abrupt stop and refused to move up or down. The buttons were not working at all. We thought we were lucky when the bell rang when we pressed them. Nevertheless, no one answered. After 5-10 minutes we started calling our friends when the signal was okay. After that, we called just anyone. After 1/2 hour, there were still no one answering the bell, nor did any help arrived. Alas, we called 994. Yes, we did. Desperate people take desperate measure okay. I was thinking of just hammering the heels of my shoes to get attention. He** no I don't care about damaging the lift. Not at all. As we were relating our story to 994, we heard a voice and minutes later the door slowly opened to an almost complete darkness. We quickly got out. My regrets: -

1) No one anwered the bell - at all - for a good 1/2 hour

2) Thank God there was Celcom signal (albeit intermittenly) - what if it did not? would anyone, at all, know what happened?

3) Where the he** were the maintenance people. It took them 1/2 hour to come to rescue us. Unless they were not nearby at the moment.

4) My husband, (whom I managed to SMS when the signal was available) waited at Ground Level and overheard the guards talked among themselves that, what happened was not their duty. Like hellloooo... lives were at stake and that was not a duty?

All I can say is that, I would never get into the lift alone. The stairs would be a better option. But from 14th Floor? Hmmmm.....

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