Friday, September 28, 2007

Worry No More

First and foremost pardon my spelling of 'pregnanct' in my last entry. Yeah, i was that worried. thanks for all opinions, sharing of experience and well wishes. Thanks to sikulat who called, just to check how i was doing. I really appreciate all of you.

We did seek and got second opinion. Eventho it's an unplanned pregnancy, the thought of losing the baby (na'uzubillah) was just too much to bear. Kebetulan Iman had been vomitting his tummy out, we rushed to APSH this morning. First we registered Iman in. Dr Fauziah was not in today but the nurse advised me not to postpone things and suggested that i see Dr Ashar instead. And we did. Did the telltale of yesterday's experience to Dr Ashar. It was such a relief when we saw a tiny sac with a little human being inside, with a heart that beats! Yesss, a heart that BEATS! And there's no fibroid whatsoever. What we saw yesterday could have been a little contraction. Maybe it was their machine. Maybe. We are so relieved. Alhamdulillah.

When I was pregnant with Iman, it was Dr Jemilah all along. I had fertility treatment after failing to conceive after trying for 6 months. See, Iman is a 'high maintenance' boy from the very beginning. Furthermore, his twin failed to thrive, specialist care was the best option. When I got pregnant with the 3rd child, we feel like going to GP until the 7th month. But with what happened yesterday, I don't think so anymore. Better be safe than sorry right. My next appointment will be on 27th October 2007. I've decided it's gonna be Dr Ashar this time around.

that's our baby.. with a beating heart

got a new appointment card too.
to replace my 7-yo worn and torn card.


ct said...

alhamdulillah, what a relief.... take care okeh...
and i'm still here at my 39th wks ++... beratnye perut..!!! and i was in ampang park whole of lunch just for my attempt to cepat beranak..!! buleh tak?:)

ummi said...

ct ~ yes, alhamdulillah. as for you, sabar je lah, another week to go. apart from nak cepat beranak, kira exercise lah tu kan. dan shopping sekali he he

Farra said...

masih setia dengan APSH yer, my 2nd dulu tukar spital, kalau 3rd child pon nak tukar lg, best ape :D

take care ok, tak lama lg nk rasa baby bergerak plak ek

mama_fynn said...


lega tak de apa-apa. i did my scan at the local clinic tu. i am in week 7 and i did not see any heart beat. I can only see the sac.

i pun risau after losing one ...afraid of losing another...

kaezrin said...

alhamdulillah ..

so its dr ashar la erkk...he is 1 cool dude kan..and machine dier canggih2 kan..

itu i suke..and he will not make u panic...dier mcm senyap2 but he is very gentle and u made a right choice akak..

saya akan jumpa dr sehari sebelum raya...kes malas nak bersesak2..kekekekek

ah ha saya pun kad baru jugak..sbb lawa pulak tgk hijau..buleh saya mi ntak tukar kes tuh..

ummi said...

farra ~ i am a dull person. mmg susah nak venture into new things, gynea included he he.

mama_fynn ~ like they advised me, get second opinion. like my case, it was the machine, not the baby. buat panik ajek..

elin ~ yes, the very the cool. very soft spoken and amatlah tenangnya. i hope he's like that in labor room. kang kita panik, dia pun sibuk, susah pulak kan. it's just that i am not used to dr lelaki when it comes to this maternity department.

aida said...

i had bad experience with dr f..
seriously bad, sampai suami cakap taknak dah pergi kat dia sampai bila-bila

glad you choose dr ashar. heard he is good..

ummi said...

aida ~ that's what virtual friends are for kan. dapat jugak opinion and share pengalaman. i am also glad that i chose dr Ashar as well!!

kaezrin said...

he is so super cool in dad too..u dun even feel it bila dier jahit and what not..even mcm saya pasang iud sume dlm2 saya bebel tiba2 dier kata dah siap...itu saya sanggup dtg dr puchong jumpa dier

ummi said...

elin ~ iud, yesss... after this one, i think i will pasang that one as well. kena ambik langkah berhati-hati yg lebih proaktif lepas nih he he