Monday, January 14, 2008

Life After 8 (years... well, almost)

If you ask, I am tired. Being pregnant is one. Being a mother of one school-going is another. Plus another kindy-age. I am not tired being a mother but being one is tiring. How's that? Maybe Tebby noticed that lately. He announced last weekend, if we can do something to settle the payment for my ViVa, I can quit working this 9-5 job.

Since Kakak started her Tahun1 on 2nd January 2008, Iman with his kindy on the 7th - we've been busy adjusting. First, mentally and emotionally, later came the physical part. Even 6a.m. is too late to start with! Maybe even 5.30a.m! I took a quick shower and then start preparing for the kids' bekal and breakfast. I am not so worried about Iman but I do with Kakak. Her recess is at 10.10a.m. everyday and without proper breakfast, I don't think she can last that long. By 6.15a.m., usually I already lay down their breakfast and have their bekal all prepared. To make it all smooth, we make sure the fridge is always stuffed with something that can be prepared in short time. Or have rice cooked ahead if I were to serve Nasi Goreng for breakfast.

Tebby wakes-up Kakak for her shower and makes sure she doesn't linger too long with that. After Subuh prayer, I helped her puts on her uniform (she still can't do it quickly without my help. I hope in another 1 or 2 months she can do that in breeze).

Next - breakfast time. This is another task - to coax her eating in the wee hour in the morning. Breakfast ranging from toast, plain bread with cheese slice, hotdogs, nuggets, fried rice/noodles and recently, cereal.

By 6.45a.m., we're out heading to Atfal Sayang, where she and Iman will be left. Kakak later is chaperoned to school whilst Iman will line up to Atfal Excel for playschool.
Being in the office doesn't stop me from worrying, pondering about, thinking about the kids. At 7.15a.m (Kakak walks to school), 7.40a.m (Iman goes to Kindy), 10.10a.m (Kakak recess time), 11.30a.m (Iman goes back to taska), 1.00p.m (Kakak comes back from school), 2.15p.m (Kakak goes to Sekolah Agama), 4.30p.m (Kakak recess time), 5.30p.m (Kakak comes back to Atfal Sayang). And I've been bothering these pengasuh at Atfal Sayang every now and then, checking up on the kids.

Before bed, we make sure they have their dinner. Check on for homework, if any. Make sure their school/kindy bags are ready. Same goes with nursery bags. Before I adjhoured into my own corner, I made sure her uniforms are all ready for the next day. All crisp and smooth. (hey, I steam-iron her uniforms okay.. but I send mine and Tebby's to laundry-shop nearby. Kenot cope all maaa... she only, has 10 baju kurung sekolah!)

I am maidless but I am coping as of now. These new adjustment, new tasks, new things - teach us to manage better. Believe it or not, I can still catch noon-nap during weekends amidst all these and still manage to lay down full lunch and dinner. And even breakfast by 8.00a.m during weekends. All complete with tea in cup-and-saucer. I guess the more limited time you have, the more you appreciate every moment you can to spend with your loved-ones.

I do not know what awaits us once I pop another baby in May. Who knows I maybe quit working by then, huh? Kakak specifically told me not to spend my maternity balik kampung. Kalau Ummi balik jugak, nanti tangan Kakak jadi panjang sampai rumah Atok, masuk rumah, tarik Ummi balik sini. Scary huh? Cam cerita Nang Nak pulok! From the look of it, most probably pun I'll spend the 2 months here in KL.

Okay people, enough ramblings about this. For those whose anak still not starting sekolah rendah yet, this is the kind of thing you may have to face in future.


Anonymous said...

Kak Tie,

Huhu i dengar pun dah stress.. adoila.. camne org dulu dulu ada anak 6/7 kan?

Neways, what doesn't kill us only make us stronger kan? But if we can afford it, I don't mind to quit my job pun.. I'd rather be home and see to the kids.. Tapi boleh tak if I still want the maid to do all the dirty job.. heheh adehlaa...


ct said...

oh my... i can imagine those choas... nih nak bgn kul 6am pun becinta...

jadi mak nih memang slalu pikir pasal anak, eventho kat depan nih tesusun file/emails that need to be responded... with all these kidnap news, make us even tak senang duduk...

ummi said...

MC ~ what I can avoid, I try to take it positively. afterall those are my kids and they deserve all those kan. and yess.. i agree, leave the ironing, cleaning to the maid. but cooking, feeding or whatever yang direct contact, let us the mommies do.

ct ~ so far, the arrangement is still running smoothly except for a few morning where Iman decided to pick a fight with Kakak over breakfast.

amidst all those kidnapping stories, of course I am really worried sick abt the kids safety. and last night Kakak went overboard running towards the car after an outside dinner. i guess my worry overcame my sense and i scolded her in public. i myself was surprise how loud i could be. we both ran after her as she slowly dissapeared around the corners. i was so da** relieved when I saw her standing there. God Knows how my feelings were. i repeatedly told her not to ever do that again because she scare the life out of me. really.

kaezrin said...

i baca pun dah stress...mmg lah kan..even saya anak x sekolah rendah pun stress..kekekekke..

ummi said...

elin ~ it's motherhood. after pride, joy... then came pain and stress hu hu. but then again, those budak2 jugak yang menceriakan hidup kita kan.

~ahni~ said...

Alah bisa tegal biasa Ummi...
Nanti bila anak2 dah besar, surely you will remember all this 'sweet' memories...

ummi said...

ahni ~ i am getting used to it already he he. penat sikitlah. furthermore anak saya tu still tak reti nak jaga baju/kasut sekolah. hari2 nak kena tukar.

but it's true what you said,.. about remembering these when our kids grow up kan. like when the time was small, dia mmg suka menangis sampai tension semua org. now we can joke over it (but pray the little baby will be calmer and easier to care)

Kaklong Syikin said...


lama tak ke sini ummi. sori ya :(. sibuk la mcm org bekerja juga.bezanya saya pelajar. hari2 p kampus; jd tutor or cari bahan kat lib.

oh,diari harian saya sama sangat mcm ummi. bezanya saya uruskan 5 anak pagi2 :).

saya bangun skrg paling cepat 5 pagi atau paling lewat 6 pagi. kalau kelas tutorial yg saya ajar mula jam 9 pagi. maknanya saya kena bangun dalam jam 5 pagi. suami akan hantar saya dulu ke stesen lrt dan dlm 7.30 pg saya mesti dah naik lrt. kalau tak,alamat tak sampai la b4 jam 9 pagi kalau nk tunggu rapid kl bas lepas tu nak masuk kampus.masa tu mmg kena naik teksi straight sampai depan bangunan kuliah hihi.

suami dah hantar saya ke lrt, baru dia drive semua anak ke sekolah, taski n nurseri. untungnya semua dlm satu kawasan. kelas 8 a.m-4 p.m. tp kalau kelas lewat mula, saya akan ikut suami hantar anak2 ke sekolah, then suami hantar ke stesen lrt or saya naik bas drp mana2 stesen.

barang2 sekolah anak mcm umi gak lah kena sedia sblm tidur, dan lepas solat subuh saya masukkan dlm keta siap2.

sarapan pula, saya cuma sediakan air aje. anak2 tak mo sarapan sangat. suami suruh buat air aje. awak rajinla buat sarapan berat :). paling berat pun saya buat yg goreng2 taklah buat mee or meehon goreng.biasanya anak2 dah siap berpakaian depa boleh sarapan sendiri.

bab baju2 pulak, saya gosok semua pakaian saya, suami dan anak2. try buat semuanya hujung minggu. syukurnya baju anak2 yg bersekolah tu, pakai satu hari aje, tak perlu dua kali tukar. kiranya saya siapkan pakaian saya dan suami bergosok utk 5 hari bekerja la. tau tak saya pernah tersengguk2 menggosok baju samapi terkena jari ngan seterika panas huhu.

bab anak2 mandi. 2 yg besar tu, mmg mandi sendiri dan pakai sendiri. 2 yg taski,saya mandikan dan ayah depa tolong pakaikan pakaian. baby pula mandi kat nurseri.

pendek kata,penatkan rutin hidup kita? itu belum campur buat kerja2 rumah bila dah pulang petang tu. tapi bila fikirkan pahala uruskan rumahtangga ni sama mcm jihad org berperang di medan perang, kata rasulullah, lapang rasa dada.

so, gd luck utk kita berdua ya