Thursday, May 24, 2012

Makan-Makan Do @VPO

When I first moved to Level 20 almost a year ago, sangat sunyi this floor. One could almost hear what others were talking about through their phone! I asked an ex-Level 20, I was told it used to be much more merrier before. I was from a very merrier floor, so imagine how lonely I was.

But now sunyi no more. We have new people coming in after a divisional restructuring. Things are not the same. We even re-established back the Kelab VPO, as an informal social structure. Activities were planned and listed and the first one to take off was, errrr... makan-makan do. In fact, it took off yesterday.

Okay peeps. 15 minutes more to food and happiness hihihi. Get ready, empty your bowel and whatnots so you can really fill up later.

Lines of birthday presents to those who were born in January right up to June. Bajet kecik, hadiah pun kecik. You know what they say, good things come in small packages :P

Cutesy mugs, good looking air freshener and handy food canister (I bet they'll give me that later.. to store up my ration ha ha)

Pulut kuning and rendang ayam yang sangat sedap. But NEVER, NEVER order these again. Some of us tertidur after lunchtime. Including me. It was unintentional. Very hypnotic I tell you. I was hypnotized into sleeping  ^_^

Pecan Butterscotch. Berlemak manesss!! Ai laik!! Had two slices of this.

Food galore. Nasi berlauk-pauk (yeah.. on top of pulut kuning and rendang tadi) sila exercise u ols lepas ni..

Nami, dialah MC, dialah pembaca doa. Dialah coordinate order food. All-rounder. Single but not so available yer...

Muka-muka kelaparan. Floormates at Level 20.

Ni Kak Misah. Jamuan ni pun antaranya as perpisahan dengan Kak Misah. Dia pencen mid-May. Alhamdulillah she made it to come and join us yesterday.

Jurihias kek. Tengah pasang lilin.

All the birthday boys and girls. Ada lagi yang tak termasuk dalam gambar kat tetepi tu.

Jurutembak pulak. Tadi juruhias kek :D :D

Tiup kek berjemaah.

Potong kek berjemaah.

Ambik gamba berjemaah.

Dannnn.... makan berjemaah.
Caterer ambik balik harta benda dia pukul 5 petang. In between lunch until 5.00 tu some of us had 2nd or 3rd servings. Tapau some more.....

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Smiley said...

kak misah nk pencen? nampak muda la youu