Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My New Discovery of Terengganu (after 12 years!)

When my FIL passed away last January, my inlaws held a 7-days tahlil. 6 nights (Saturday-Thursday) and 1 after solat Jumaat. What amazed me was the extend of menu! Menu for 7 days was prepared. Tasks were assigned (who buys what, who orders what, who cooks what). I was told that 7-days was normal amongst their kampungfolks. In fact when en.Tebby's atok passed away many years ago, it was 40 days!

The last day, it was Nasi Minyak (yang sangat sedap, I must say). Siap panggil caterer and sewa kerusi meja. In contrary, back in my kampung, it's a simple affair. Simple food. Tahlil normally for 3-days.

I never knew Terengganu has her own version of Laksa, which was one of the menu in one of the days. Complicated recipe though. Imagine beef and fish added together as gravy? And many kinds of accompaniments to go with it. And hours to simmer the gravy. Hasilnya? Sedap!

Among the fresh ingredients untuk buat accompaniments. Daun kesum, kacang panjang, taugeh and daun-apa-nama-tatau. Other than taugeh, all were sliced finely.

Another one. Kemangi, is it?

I love daun kesum! Kalau makan laksa, I'd like to have loads of this in my gravy. Laksa Terengganu, daun kesum is not added and cooked dalam gravy. It is served as ulam.

Child labor 1 :D Getuh daung tu je. Doksoh ambek taka.-> petik daun je, tak usah ambik tangkai.

en.Tebby and Teh, my aunt-in-law. Adik my MIL. Sangat motherly and welcoming. She makes everyone feels nice around her, everytime. Not forgetting to mention, a very good cook too.

Child labor 2 and 3 :D Kejap aje menyumbang tenaga pastu lesap :P :P

Tengok tu.. apa ada atas peha Iman. His latest collection of tiger. Harimau bongsu. Duma, as they named it.

Daun-apa-nama-tatau. Pucuk kayu manis?
Anyway, since I'm a lousy cook as compared to my SILs (and en.Tebby as well for the matter), I was assigned to prepare drinks. Hot coffee and hot tea. :D :D :D 


puterikiut said...

gambar bh sekali tu bukan pujuk daun gajus ke? sedapnye daun kesum ltk dlm kuah laksa..takun lm asam pedas..:)

jiji said...

org kelate/teganung panggil tu daun serai kayu..memang letak dlm ulam utk nasi kerabu dan laksa/laksam. cicah budu je pun sedaaapppp