Monday, May 21, 2012

Not doing well. Minor headache. en.Tebby is staying back in a domestic inquiry session and they want to wrap it up by today. Mind you, today ends at 11.59pm! ............ And we carpool. I hope they have good hearts not to drag the matter.

Adam (R) with cousin, Zahin. Born a month apart.

Asked for favor from SIL to pick up my three kids from nursery. I bet the younger two will have good time giving their Mokja major headache! Iman is sebaya with SIL's eldest son. Adam is sebaya with her second son. When SIL got pregnant the third time, I even panicked! He.. he.. Anyway, imagine four boys running around sampai berpeluh lenjun (like they always do anytime they meet up).

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Popped up 500mg paracetamol. Hope my headache will ease up. And hope my SIL won't have to take this one too :D :D

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