Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I dah POPULAR, anda bagaimana?

POPULAR so-called loyalty card that is!

English novels - BORDERS. Arts/Crafts/Recipe Books - KINOKUNIYA. Malay novels - MPH. Revision books - POPULAR. I noticed I have fallen into that pattern. Usually and mostly BORDERS and KINOKUNIYA. en.Tebby suka pegi those two. A wide selection of comics or rather graphic novels as he puts it. (Men, they never grow up. We outgrew Barbie, dolls and all, but they and their superheroes are another story altogether. Should I roll my eyes? hi hi) But for revision materials, I'd serbu POPULAR. More comprehensive. More to choose from. Oh ya, kalau anak anda hilangkan buku teks sekolah, silalah ke C ZIP LEE. Branch in Bangsar and Kajang.

Costs me RM12 annually. 10% discount on purchases (with some exceptions). It doesn't go by point collection system though. Purely discount. Upon application, I was given a temporary card. Temporary card can be used sampai dapat kad yang sebenar. Fair huh?

Other cards. Cuci rumah, Habib, Herbaline, kain sutera. Eh kad pie pun ada hihi. Just a 'hello' away, and your warm pies come to you! And Pn Sariah's card. She's the president of Persatuan Dyslexia Malaysia. I am keeping the info handy, just in case people ask, I have the info right away.

I used to have more of these so-called membership/loyalty card. When I was on unpaid leave, I learned to better manage my financial matters. To keep simple life simple. I spent less now on things I want. Despite what my friends said heh heh.

Anyway, I sometimes find it a bit funny when SA manning the cashier, most of the time asks, 'Ada member?' 'Oh yeah, loads of them. which one you want to know about?' But we were all taught to be polite, weren't we? :D Took the cards for them to swipe :D :D

En.Tebby once remarked, 'Oh wife saya ni dengan semua kedai dia ada member'. And later at seeing those vouchers I redeemed or discounts I enjoyed, dia pulak yang mintak kad whenever nak bayar.
I even have a small card wallet :D Oh, that's Moo Cow loyalty card. For every RM10 spent, one cow face. Froghurt nya adalah sedap!

Anyway, Adam was not well last week. Low grade fever and a mild asthma attack. He got so syiokk staying home and not having to go to kindy, he faked fever last Monday! Tuesday, no mercy. Tadika you go dear boy. Have exam some more! Kids these days huh. 4 tahun dah exam. Let's think what we did at that age.. hurmphh..

Tee hee hee! My mukabuku friend, Iman's teacher at PDM shared this on her wall. Somehow it reminds me of myself during those exams waaaayyy back in STF and later in UUM. And I can't believe that still apllies. Anak-anak yang exam, mak bapak yang jadi macam beruang tu. Anak-anak? Rileksss jahhh :P :P

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