Friday, June 01, 2012

Facial Essential

sexy smile... gorgeousness.. :P

beauty and light. lovely body. i know.. i know.. sila buat *eyes roll* :P 
But you know what they say.. beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Even so, Tips No 1 - Do not take things or yourself for granted. Aging is inevitable but ever heard of the phrase 'aging gracefully'? Tips No 1 - If you're married, skill of 'reading between the lines' is a MUST :D  :D

Anyway, mug given by en.Tebby many, many, many, many years ago. Disaat cinta menyala-nyala :D :D. Now tho tak menyala, ianya membara-bara (yes, go vomit somewhere else please). Kalau buat BBQ pun, arang menyala kejap aje kan. Lepas tu jadi bara kan. Bara can even last sampai next day panasnya. So, nak nyala ke nak bara? Anyway, kalau dah jadi bara pun, pandai-pandai lah nak siram minyak tanah ke apa,.. kasi menyala balik :D :D

I remember my mom used to say masa I was busy-busy uruskan anak-anak eventho tak sampai seminggu bersalinkan Adam. She said - jagalah diri sendiri juga. Tapi keadaan tak mengizinkan. I was maidless. Kena berpantang di KL sebab Kakak masa tu dah bersekolah. Now Adam is 4. I am 38. Time to jaga diri sendiri more. I started going to spa, do facials and all tho not routinely. Anyway, I share some of my latest findings dengan you all.
It's SKII now. Budget is limited so I bought traveling size. This is my second batch. I did not purchase OTC (counter pun takde jual traveling/sample sizes like these rasanya. pastu segan pulak nak mintak sampel macam-macam if tak beli apa-apa kan). Instead I went to SKII website, did a self skin assessment and bought items online based on the recommendations. Of course I did not indulge in their full range of recommendations. If not, kopak la my purse kan. Toner (Facial Treatment Clear Lotion), its famous Facial Treatment Essence or short-formed into FTE (be warned, bau amat tak menyenangkan. bau macam nasi basi pun ada. it's fermented anyway so.. normallah kot kan). Moisturiser pulak Skin Signature range (untuk yang dah aging *ahem* like me). Memula dulu I used SKII Facial Clear Solution but found out that tak cukup lembap pulak. Skin Signature is a little heavy and after a week, *i love*. Oh ya, I bought these via
I still haven't tried SKII facial cleanser tho. Probably I was happy with Cetaphil. I originally bought Cetaphil for my daughter, Kakak. She's getting this small facial zits. Pharmacist suggested Cetaphil and it works for her. I also purchased Herbaline cleanser but it dries my skin a little bit. Rasa kulit muka tegang semacam lepas cuci muka. Andddd know what, few days back I read about cleansing your face using honey! Just honey, nothing else. I was skeptical at first. I took honey every morning, I made facial mask by mixing honey with some other things and later wash with normal cleanser. But to cleanse face with just honey?? But I tried anyway. Slap on your entire face. Leave it on for a while (while scrubbing the sink, arranging bottles dalam bathroom or sental daki kat kaki :D ). Then with just a bit of water, cucilah muka like I normally do with Cetaphil. Just to test, I took some facial cotton afterwards, dab some toner. Facial cotton came out clean. Means bersihlah.. I used to have this thought more buih, the better hihi. Anyway, kalau suka mekap-mekap, I do not know it this will work. My definition of make-up is some lip-color and loose powder. And by lunch time I have eaten all my lipcolor and I've lost my powder already :D

SKII - It really depends on your skin. Based on my reading, some get zits, oily face and all. Some pulak, it works wonders on them. And those are costly. Tak sesuai, into the tong sampah they go.
Honey - It's kitchen essential. Cheaper by lots. Tak sesuai di muka, you can always gulp it down. Recommended.

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