Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nurse in the House!

Putting on my nurse uniform. Man of The House went for a teambuilding only to come back with injury. Fell on his side while main game paintball.

Went back yesterday straight to clinic. After x-rays and whatnots, alhamdulillah no fractured bones, no hairline cracks whatsoever. Just sprained muscles and some swells. Quite teruk jugaklah I think. Even bumpy car ride hurt. Thanks to my reckless driving :P

Tables are turned at times. He got a jab and almost fainted afterwards. Me and Doctor were 'tarik nafassssss, lepassss. tarik nafassssss, lepassssss' Like he used to tell me when I was in labour  :D

putting on nurse-uniform but not as sexy!

2 days MC and now resting at home. Ms Nurse has to work today. If you're reading this today Yang, jangan lupa makan ubat yer.

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