Monday, June 11, 2012

Tanamera Wellness Spa @Sooka Sentral 07062012

Had few hours of me-time @Tanamera Wellness Spa @Sooka Sentral. Parked my car kat ofis, took a LRT ride 3 stations away to KL Sentral. Sooka Central is just across KL Sentral. Tanamera Wellness Spa is located on 3rd Floor.

Before I eventually decided on Tanamera, I was considering few other options. Hammam (I went there December last year. Hammam was okay, nothing to complaint about, but for the sake of trying somewhere new kan), Thai Odyssey, Karabuning Boutique Spa (Karabuning is under Thai Odyssey but with different name and different and better offerings) and Siam BodyWorks.

Since I wanted to make my time worth taking leave for, I would like to have full body massage, scrub and bath. Hammam has it. Tanamera does. And so does Karabuning Boutique Spa. Checked out Karabuning packages, wanted to try either Package 2 (Herbal Foot Soak, Refreshing Milk Bath, Royal Body Glow and Royal Thai massage) or Package 4 (same as Package 2 with addition of Luxury Foot Massage), booked online and then realized it is at Bangsar Shopping Complex, somewhere I am not really fimiliar with. Cancelled and called up Tanamera @Sooka Central and got time slot last Thursday.

Tanamera has 5 outlets in Klang Valley. @Sooka Sentral, it is a ladies-only spa. A plus point there. Yang kat Concorde Shah Alam tu ada for men. I have utmost reservations my husband kena massage dengan female okay. Tak kiralah tua mana pun pompuan tu :D
Btw, ini rupanya 'tiket' LRT these days? It's been so looooonnggg that I last board one. And no more Putra LRT? RapidKL eh? While waiting, I saw a couple on the other side. Both used sign language. Why I said 'a couple'? Because while they were communicating, affections flooded in their eyes. 

Okay, now back to Tanamera. This is their waiting area. Nampak tu wall rack tu? Those are products yang diorang guna. Atas meja tu pulak samples for you to choose from for your spa session.
Alley leading to rooms. Tanamera @Sooka Sentral has 2 VIP rooms (en-suite with shower, steam and bath tub), 2 single rooms with shared facilities (shower, steam and toilet), 1 malay massage room, 1 feet and hair treatment area (overlooking KL). You can actually sit and sip like tai-tai while doing hairworks and footworks :D After deciding on which package, I was ushered to bilik Cempaka, a VIP suite since I would be using the shower, steam and bath tub later. 

Choices of massage oil. I picked ginger oil although bau serai wangi adalah sangat inviting. Diorang assured me bau minyak akan hilang after body scrub semua tu, I went for a safer choice, Ginger. Ginger oil is much milder. There was also coffee, basil and coconut oil to choose from. For scrub and mask, choosed dessicated coconut and for bath, milkbath.

Ginger tea.. while you think on what treatment to choose from (while otak busily calculating the $$$ and the time I had hihi) I could gulp down jamu serbuk so ginger tea was easy peasy to drink. Kalau bagi bigger pot pun no problem :D

VIP suite. Changed into bathrobe, lie upside down and relax. My Ms Masseur that day was Maria. A young lady from Sungai Buloh with weird accent. Maria sangat kuat okay. I had to ask her to change into lower gear ha ha. Untuk seorang yang amat jarang kena urut, otot-otot dah kejung, urat saraf semua tegang. My fault jugaklah, mintak urut style orang lepas bersalin. Now everyone knows how that kind of massage feels like kan. There was one time when she massaged my back berbunyi2 macam orang macam kopok! Serius tak tipu. Maria kata kalau nak jaga badan, akak kena jaga makan juga. Jangan makan benda sejuk, tajam dan berbisa. Well, errr. Jangan tidur dalam ekon, jangan mandi malam. Errrr.... You can ask me makan all those vitamins and supplements and whatnots tp kalau 'jangan makan' .. agak sukar for me. 

Fes taim okay mandi berendam-rendam dalam bath tub dengan susu with roses petals (before that kena scrub dengan limau purut dulu :D) di samping lilin. Romantik youuu. After milkbath, do not shower, just dab, dress and off you go.Bayar dulu okay. I was offered packages, membership, add-ons and all. Which is normal practise I think kalau pegi mana-mana spa pun. No worries, politely reject. Told them I'd like to try few more times then only I can consider. Add-ons, I took herbal compress. Herbal compress ni jenis tuam-tuam aje, bukan jenis tungku batu sungai tu.
Maria suggested me untuk ambik ginger scrub if I ever datang again. Dia kata I was actually bloated with angin :D To be frank, I had sore muscle for the next 3 days after massage walaupun badan rasa ringan. Lepas 3 hari, baru really refreshed. The scrub and mask and bath - owhsomeness. Lembut kulit ai taw :D :D

Definately recommended!


aida said...

lama dah tak berspa, aiyokkk

mizzura said...

Tgh berkira2 ni...nmpknye yg kat sooka lg mahal dr pertama...tgk kt brochure derang...

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