Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lunch @Red Wok, Bangi

Awaken your tastebuds katanya ............ :D

RedWok is one of my family's favorite eating outlet. Famous for its steamboat and grill though they also do a-la-carte cooking. Good to hang out and laze through steamboat session. The children get to pick and choose whatever they want and had fun digging in ice cream later on. That's one way how me and en.Tebby often end our weekdays. Never been there or weekdays tho. Steamboat, consumes time. Like I said, hang out and laze throughout :D Weekends then. When we need not to worry about having to rush through the morning traffic to get to the office the next day.

Had lunch once there. Above is among the choices you can pick from. Atas nombor 2 dari kiri adalah sangat tempting but en.Tebby tak suka petai and tak suka me berbau petai. So petai session can only be done when he goes outstation :D
Smile! Who wouldn't?
You can choose size of meal. Small, Medium and Large. No XL or XXL here.

Food was good except for Nasi Goreng Cina. We specifically told the waiter no vege, no garnishing what-so-ever. Nampak dah budak waiter tu acuh tak acuh.Macam ngantuk je. Came Nasi Goreng Cina, meriah dengan sayur-sayuran and loads of garnishing. Waved to that very waiter, once again, buat acuh tak acuh. Called up waiter lain and complaint. We later got our Nasi Goreng Cina sans vege and garnishing. But the taste sangat so-so. Very bland, I'd say. We ended up meratah lauk pauk je. 

I'll definately come again and again for its steamboat. In fact, memang selalu datang pun. The irony is that, takde sekalipun ambik gambar when we do steamboat there. Gambar lunch yang just once we had there pulak yang ada :P Anyway, for lunch, I'd rather be eating at other places dari tengok muka ketat waiter kat sinun tu.

You can have a peek at RedWok website

Address: -
Lot PT 70550, Jalan Kajang Impian 1/2
Taman Kajang Impian
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi
Tel: +603-8927-4100
Fax: +603-8927-4500
HP: +6019-339-4655 - Awang Hasyim

Opening Hours: -
Monday to Thursdays
Lunch : 12pm to 3pm
Mondays to Fridays
Dinner : 6pm to 12am
Saturday & Sunday
"Almost" all day dining : 12pm to 12am
Please note we are closed for lunch on Fridays

If you're going for steamboat especially on weekdays, it is good to call them up first and book your table.

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