Tuesday, June 05, 2012

End of Speech Therapy @HUKM

Semalam Iman attended his long overdue appointment with ST (Speech Therapist) @HUKM. I took few hours off from office, drove back to Cheras to fetch him, rushed to HUKM (parking is never easy in HUKM unless it's 7.30am so I valet parked to save time and headache) and then rushed back to Cheras to send Iman back to kindy, (stopping at McD btw for his ayam goreng) and then off to Bangsar. By the time I reached office, I could literally fry egg on my face. Peluh-peluh and oily already. But I'm okay with that. Makes me feel like a real mother :D That, knocked-off my guilt for not seeing his ST much earlier as originally scheduled.

Anywayyy... otw to HUKM, Iman ordered large fries from McD. Saya lapar la, nanti balik boleh kita singgah beli fries? Okay then, lepas terapi kita pegi drive-thru k.

Otw too - Hari ni saya jumpa Cikgu Haslina ke? Yang gemuk sikit tu kan? Kenapa dia gemuk Ummi? Thing is, Iman is very very sincere and often, he thinks out, LOUD. He has a soft spot for good-looking ladies too. Boys will be boys I guess.

While his session took place, he had fun reading a book, refusing to talk much about a poster which has a picnic scene, too sexy he said. Referring to swimsuit and bikini-clad cartoon (good boy Iman). And finally related his experience going for a picnic few weekends back. At one time he raised his hands, making a 'stop sign'. 'Saya nak cakap dengan emak saya sekejap' Sempat bisik lagi tu 'Saya tak jadilah nak fries, saya rasa saya nak ayam goreng'. And he continued on with is picnic story with Haslina :P

At the end of the session, alhamdulillah, Haslina informed me Iman no longer needs to attend ST. He can already convey messages. He can comprehend and respond if asked. He can now go to school canteen and buy things. He can see his teachers and ask things. He may still lag a little comparing to his peers. But it's a tremendous improvement comparing him now, to him, then. Backtracked almost 4 years ago, he was 4. He did not speak. I sometimes wondered what was in his mind. It seems he had a lot in his eyes, stories he was dying to convey. I remembered my heart leaped out when he asked 'apa khabar' for the first time. And those countless phonecalls Atok made to talk to Iman when he finally spoke up, at almost 5yo!

And now, he can tell you nonsense already! And I sometimes, am bought into believing him Noti boy you!
Iman, with his ST, Haslina. He has been seeing Haslina since 2010. Prior to that we went to Gleaneagles Intan Medical Center. Bukan main lagi tu, siap posing duduk atas riba bagai! Many thanks Haslina! Apart from sessions @HUKM, Haslina gave us tips on what we can do @home. But basically, we MUST communicate with Iman, encourage 2-ways communications (less 'because I told you so' 'because I'm your mother' or 'shut up and listen')

A chatterbox that he is now, I must congratulate Iman as well. Almost all the while, he participated, less refusal, minimal retaliation. And less prank on me please! Have mercy on your mother :D

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asma salleh said...

hensem la iman.. hahahaha.. out of topic kah ?
ahahahha.. Apa apapun.. Iman mmg terbaek.. ngan Umminye pun juge.. :P