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Celebratory Lunch @ Chili's 23062012

23rd June 2012

I have always believed in rewards as a gesture of appreciation. My school-going children may not be the best-est students in their class judging from their exam results. They made huge leap nonetheless. Kakak made it to 5th place in her class.Iman is in Band 3. Not taking this band-thingy into perspective pun, Iman has made a whole lot of improvement, education-wise. So far so good. 

Tebby, otw back to taska after meeting the kids' teachers, announced that he was treating us all for lunch that coming Saturday (which was last week's Saturday actually. Pardon the delay). At Chili's and suggested that we should have Molten Chocolate Cake for dessert. Say what? Chocolate? Cake? Nak! Nak! Nak!

Grape Juice and Orange Juice. My tastebud says that Grape juice tasted like anggur benyek but Tebby likes it very much. Since I don't do chilled or icy drink so much, we just shared a mug between us. Not exactly a mug la because Tebby had a refill. The kids had Orange Juice that came with Kid's Menu (one free Kid Meal for one main). Since we ordered just one main, we only got one free Kid Meal and paid for the other two.

Plain water for Iman. He has limited choices of preferred food. Including drinks. He takes hot teh-o, hot milo, yoghurt drinks and plain water. No soda. No caffeine.

Pepper Pal Country Fried Chicken Crispers for Adam. He was pretty occupied with a newly purchased Bumblee Bee, he barely ate these. Orang sebelah dia yang makan. Siapa duduk sebelah dia? Me laa.. :D The batter coating those chicken strips adalah sangat sedap!

Pepper Pal Cheese Pizza. Iman punya. Ni lah menu wajib dia kalau pegi Chili's. He loves pizza. Especially plain ones like this and most importantly, sans vege. Yeah, I know it's not good. But rather than not eating anything at all kan.

We the adults decided to order a stater and a main only. Share. For starter it was Triple Play. It's a combo of three types of starters. Chicken Crispers (as in Adam's Kid Meal), Wings Over Buffalo and Southwestern Eggrolls. It came with three types of sauces too. Three short sticks of celery to lessen the guilt! LOL!

A tower of Big Mouth Burger. Seen above tower dah roboh :D :D As the name goes, you really have open up wide to eat this! Kena potong dulu baru boleh makan. Too bad it came with a strand of hair...After complaining and had 3 staff came and talked to us, we had the replacement. Cut nicely in quarters. Okaylah senang nak makan. And most importantly, no hair!

Tadaaa!!! Molten Chocolate Cake. Topped with vanilla ice-cream. Atas tu ada chocolate shell somemore. *gemok* *gemok* The cake was warm and it had warm chocolate fudge inside. Imagine fudge meleleh-leleh the moment you dip your sudu in it. Being a sweet-tooth, I immediately fell in love with this. Love at first taste. If only they gave us two scoops of ice-cream. That would be better.

Look at Kakak attacking the shell :P

See. All licin already. Kalau kat rumah boleh jilat tanpa segan silu.... Kat kedai kena berbudi bahasa menjaga air muka suami...
Kids - Keep it up. The better you all score in exams, the more of this cake your mother will eat hi hi
Tebby - Thanks Yang for the wonderful treat

Oh ya, we got a RM20 discount. I guess that's for that 'hairy incident'. That's basically one free Molten Chocolate Cake..

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