Wednesday, June 06, 2012

MooCow Froghurt - Sedap!

Another family favorite. Kalau pegi MidValley, haruslah ber-dessert kat MooCow before heading home.

Ahhh.. Comel! It reminds me of my abang sulung. He rears goats and he named one of them, Siti Ramadan. I wonder if he has the heart to sell Siti Ramadan later..

Ouuuuu Yess! I super like okay. Better than tutti frutti. Cheaper too. We always go for sourish variety. But then again, yoghurt is supposed to be sourish right? Kalau tak silap, satu bekas ni goes for RM10.00 with one topping. Additional topping, add more money to it.

Iman, sedang cuba berlawan dengan Abahnya. Others were busy eating.
Told ya. While Iman and Abah at their fight, Adam sebok makan. Korek Dik, jangan tak korek.

Kalah!! :D Takde gambar froghurt. Tukang ambik gambar bizi makan ;P

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