Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hurry Mc Flurry

Kata orang, dah jadi ibu, jangan lupa jadi isteri. I once thought I'd be a lesser mother if I go out once in a while to have my own space and time. After sometimes, I realized that is just what I need to keep me going. To have a break once in a while. Remember that I went to Tanamera last Thursday? It was school holidays and of course the kids were curios when I took them out much later than I normally do. What more when I was casually dressed. Took them out for breakfast then they pow-ed me kat 7-eleven. They made me promised to bring them to McD once I fetch them later in the afternoon. Having done mentally calculating, I said.. Ummi datang jemput pukul 4.00 petang nanti. Lepas tu kita pegi Mc Donald's. Kakak nak Oreo Mc Flurry je ke? Nak burger jugak? Abang nak Horlicks Mc Flurry kan. Fries want or don't want? Adik? Nak sama Kakak Oreo Mc Flurry, ke nak sama Abang Horlicks Mc Flurry? We decided to have Mc Flurry each with burger, fries and whatnots. That would be our pre-dinner, so to speak.

After my Tanamera session was done, did my Zuhr prayer then rushed back to Cheras with empty, growling stomach. Breaking promises that I did with the kids is one thing I am always trying to avoid. Arrived at their taska at exactly 4.00pm.............. only to find they were eating nasi! A full plate each! Adoilah.

Anyway, a promise is a promise. Pegi jugaklah Mc Donald's. Tup tup mesin aiskrim rosak! Maka kecewalah anak-anak ku (walaupun perut dah kenyang makan nasi) tak dapat Mc Flurry bagai. Merawat hati-hati yang kecewa, I brought them up nearby Tutti Fruitti. Thing is, depa ni syok macam main masak-masak je kat Tutti Fruitti tu, sudahnya kang tak habis, makkknyaaaaa jugak yang habiskan.

Their pick. Iman punya raspberry (kalau tak silap) with very very very sour strawberry. Kakak punya sam flavour dengan Iman, cuma dia letak nata de coco. Adam ambik chocolate pastu letak 3 biji marshmallow. I had only RM50 dalam purse so the kids were strictly warned not too put too much of anything hihi.

Happy faces. Anyway, as expected, the boys did not finish theirs. Saya share dengan Ummi kan. Ni Ummi makan - Adam. Iman pun tak habis suruh maknya makan. Haihhh..
En.Tebby called up before driving back home asking how things were going. Otw back tu the abah made some effort to singgah at other McD and bought them the Mc Flurry yang diidam-idamkan itu. Maklumlah.. LIMITED TIME ONLY. Kang tak merasa pulak. The kids - double the joy :D Oh ya. Horlicks Mc Flurry it adalah sangat sedappp!! Lemak berkrim (I have soft spot for makanan yang lemak berkrim - be warned okay). Cubalah. Limited time only tu - cepat! Cepat! Yang ni tak payah jemput-jemput Ummi suruh share, Ummi jemput diri sendiri share Mc Flurry you ols hi.. hi..

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