Friday, June 08, 2012

Jaga Badan & Nasi Lemak Eksekutif

Semalam pegi Tanamera Wellness Center @Sooka Sentral. Masseur pesan kalau nak jaga badan, kena jaga makan. My definition of 'jaga makan' is ensuring I eat on time regardless of what I eat. All those 'tajam', 'sejuk' or 'bisa' - semua taruk. Or should I rather call it 'jaga waktu makan'? :P But I notice I can't take broccoli at all, pulut sikit-sikit je boleh. If not, kembung perut. Seen above my breakfast this morning. Since I am  married to en.Tebby, terikut his family eating habit. Heavy, plateful of food for breakfast. Same goes with lunch but very light dinner. Masseur said 'Kak jangan makan benda sejuk-sejuk sangat.. Macam timun'. Timun? Timun is a must when you eat nasi lemak okay.
See, I did not take the timun. And I only drank when I finished my food. At least breakfast today :D
Anyway, nasi lemak tersebut dikenali as 'Nasi Lemak Eksekutif' Sold at one of the gerai Riverside, Menara T*. Since I started working way back in 1997 (masa tu kat Wisma Telekom), itulah namanya yang dikenalkan. Why? Sebab harganya lebih mahal dari penjual lain (at that time) and they jokingly said that only executives could afford such nasi lemak. As time goes by, harga nasi lemak penjual lain pun dah at par dengan nasi lemak ni tapi nama tu lekat. I don't know about the company newcomer but to us, people my age, we know la that one is Nasi Lemak Eksekutif :D

First photo is their 'Nasi Lemak Biasa' variety. 'Nasi Lemak Biasa' goes for RM2.00 per plate. Which I find relatively worth buying that its Nasi Lemak RM1 counterparts (sold elsewhere) yang selalunya berlaukkan telur dadar about 1inch wide x 1inch long (and sangat nipis), 2 or 3 peanuts, 2 or 3 ikan bilis, and 1 or 2 very very very thinly sliced timun. Kadang-kadang ada jugak yang sampai hati jual at RM1.20 or RM1.30!

In between where I stood to snap this to the building on the other side, there's a river. Hence the name 'Riverside' Contoh ayat 'Hari ni makan kat Riverside nak?' Along the road where the cars are seen parked in the photo, dulunya berderet-deret makeshift gerai. Nasi Lemak Eksekutif was one. Bangunan tu dulu namanya Wisma Telekom. My first office place. Tingkat 4. Nostalgic. Now sold to UM and their R&D occupies that building. While I was on 4th Floor, en.Tebby was on 1st floor :D That was 15 years ago anyway. 

Sidetracked I may be. If you ever come to Menara T*, jangan lupa cuba Nasi Lemak Eksekutif. No worries, albeit the name, everyone can afford them these days. To those jaga badan, sila jangan makan timun ya!

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