Sunday, November 07, 2010

Pegi Waund Waund

the ultraman brothers

it took us years to coax him to go down the slide. really.

hak ni apa pun x takut!

Adam has developed a new morning habit. Pegi waund waund (this is Adam-speak, it means pegi round-round or ronda-ronda). Once En Tebby is out of sight driving off to work, Adam would tell me to get my car key and go waund-waund. Okie dokie.

It's usually just around few blocks of houses in my neighbourhood. Make 2 or 3 rounds and he'd be happy enough. One of the waund-waund trips last week, I stopped at the playground and let him and his brother Iman roam free and have fun. It was 7.05 am (yep, my kids are all very morning person type). They seemed perplexed as to why only them were at the playground. Obviously the more the merrier. Albeit all those pushing around, running about yada yada yada.

7.30 and I drove them back and quietly sneaked out for my usual morning jog.


Ina Hashim said...

uish...Adam nampak berbezaaaa sgt dari kecik dulu...nampak cam budak dah 4 thn

ummi said...

k ina ~ Adam tembun!! takde org larat dukung dia lama2. 2 mgu lepas timbang dia dah 15++kg. dia dh 2 1/2 tahun. dh pandai melawan ummi nya he he