Thursday, November 18, 2010

Iman - Terapi CaraKerja HUKM

Iman is attending 2 of those, Terapi CaraKerja and Terapi Pertuturan
Unit ni kat basement level, HUKM.

18 November 2010.

Sesi Terapi Carakerja (Occupational Theraphy) pertama Iman di HUKM.

Kalau sebelum ini dia ke Gleneagles Intan di Ampang, kali ini dan seterusnya InsyaAllah di HUKM.

Why? Based on my communications with other parents and pihak-pihak berkenaan, SHOULD Iman need any supporting documentation for his school later, the documentation should come from government hospital. Personnel from Dyslexic Center highly recommended Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur but the earliest date we could get was sometime in March or April 2011! (Peeps, we need more Psychiatrists!). The other alternative is HUKM and we got the first appoinment on 8th November 2010. (Read my entry on it here). (after sending relevant documents to get an appointment date sometime in August 2010).

The session took around 45-50 minutes. Iman is assigned to Therapist Ayu. She will be handling his case from now on and *ahem* since Ayu is quite good looking, I doubt that Iman will give her much fuss cooperating he he.

Cuma yang tak laratnya ialah, despite having a file in Psychiatric Unit, we still needed to open another one in Unit OT (and later in Unit ST pulak). Me and En Tebby pon dengan gigihnya merepeat segala history Iman from my pregnancy sampailah ke current date. I think they should really work on having a common file.

Payment for each therapy session is just RM10. If we have guarantee letter then the payment will be waived. The process is not a one-stop thingy. Upon arriving, you'll first need to register and make payment and leave your appointment booklet there. They'll issue a slip and the slip needs to be given to respective counter (OT, ST or Physio and the likes). Habis sesi, bring that slip back to set a future appointment (which is manually written down in a big book) and later to the counter you first register to have your appointment date key-ed in and then collect back your appointment booklet. Mula-mula tu pening gak makcik. Ke sana, ke sinun.

Next appointment will be on 13th December 2010.

Anyway, sharing some homeworks Therapist Ayu suggested us to do at home.

1. Shape play-dough into balls.
2. Flatten play-dough and write or draw on it using tooth-pick.
3. String beads. Begins with big ones and gradually to smaller beads.
4. Tear papers into small thin strip.
5. Shape papers into balls.

Bunyi cam takde apa2 kan but based on what I've gone through, it helps to enhance motor skills as well as concentration. Even if your child doesn't have special needs, do try this out. Bermain sambil belajar.

mula-mula register kat sini. tinggalkan appointment booklet, bayar RM10. you'll be given a slip.

you then take the slip ke sini pulak. leave it at the counter. after session, register for future appointment sini and then take the slip back to counter hak gambar atas pulak. sila jgn lupa ambik semula appointment booklet anda.

Iman yang semakin tembun


Hanim said...

Good luck Iman, will wait how the speech therapy goes :)

ummi said...
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ummi said...

hanim ~ went oredi. i havent blog abt it tho. in a nutshell, it went well except he got really really upset that one of puzzle pieces was missing. first steps taken, lots more coming.