Monday, November 22, 2010

Iman - Terapi Pertuturan HUKM

kalau hari tu (baca sini) pintu mreah, kali ni pintu biru pulak.

After good dose of playdough-ing time, I brought Iman to HUKM for his speech therapy. Between his motor skill and speech, I think he's lagging in his speech more than his fine motor. He speaks, he converses but still at times, he stammers, as if searching for the right word from his database. Vocab-wise, is improving a lot. Inquisitive, I'd say. The other day he asked me what hypnotised means.

I left home at 10.30am. His appointment was at 12.00noon. Finding an empty parking lot was almost impossible. Every corner, every curb semua ada kereta. Under that water tank as well. Even the valet rejected my small car (which I think he could easily selit2 je kat mana2). At last, I made second round, battering eye-lashes and the valet guy akhirnya took my car. It was more like he pitied me than my eye-lashes actually. Must be all the sweats and my tudung senget that he kesian so much ha ha.

Since this is the second time, I already grasped the process. Hantar appointment card, bayar RM10, take that slip and send to speech therapy unit. And tunggu sampai dipanggil. One big relief is that, it is based on allocated time and not turn. If your appointment is at 10, then you'll be called in at 10.

The session went well until Iman found out the puzzle that was given to him, has one piece missing. He went totally angry, refused to do anything, refused to say anything. Instead he picked up my bag and pulled my hands towards the door. Therapist Haslina said 'input' is okay, almost his age. Means he processes information given to him as per his age. But given complex intruction, he did just one or two. Example, take 2 red pencils and 2 small cars and put them in the box. He put 2 red pencils only. 'Output' is on the low side. He used 2-3-words sentences mostly. Tapi kat rumah ayat dia lagi panjang. Therapist Haslina suggested we coax him to talk longer sentences. Example, while watching TV, ask him what he sees on screen and what the persons in the movie do. Things like that.

Back to my car. The traffic was horrible (well, they say it is like that everyday!). The valet guy took almost 20 minutes getting up my little car dari parking kat bawah nun ke lobby. Adeh. Balik tu makcik pulun tido. Penat wei!

Iman leisurely drawing while waiting

RM10 for first 3 hours.


Hanim said...

how old is Iman btw? I park across the road, kat stadium. But only it's before 9am.

ummi said...

hanim ~ he's 6 this year. we started off when he was 3, almost 4. next yr nak sekolah. am pretty nervous about it.

Melina Farid said...

I think my 2 year old needs speech therapy too. Hiw do you go about registering for speech therapy at HUKM?

Melina Farid said...

I think my 2 year old needs speech therapy too. Hiw do you go about registering for speech therapy at HUKM?