Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Iman's First Appointment HUKM

Iman's very first appointment in HUKM. Since he's starting Year 1 next year, we need to have everything in place. Documentation, routine appointments and assessments, regular therapies and whatnots. We did that before actually, with private practices. After mingling around with other parents like us, it is highly advised that we do this in a government hospitals as some documentations from private practices may not be 'laku' when dealing with Kementerian Pelajaran and the likes later.

Appointment was at 10.00 am, Unit Psikiatri Remaja & Kanak-Kanak, Dr Wan Salwina. Ended up, we could only see the dr at 11.30am, at Paediatric Clinik Ground Floor, Dr Wan Hafizah. Oh well. It was Iman's appointment but to get his medical and development history, we were literally interrogated heh heh. All Iman did was coloring an elephant, writing numbers and drawing some fishes. Not that I mind. It was a healthy channel to vent out our worries and concerns and whatnots.

bilik 6. Dr TIADA.

After reading his records from previous Child Psychiatrist, Dr Hafizah said Iman looks ok to her (at a glimpse). From not speaking, throwing tantrums, not able to read, he indeed looks almost like normal kids his age. What can I say.. alhamdulillah. Dr Hafizah asked me what plans we have for him. I told her, my emotionally plan for him is that he's going to mainstream school, in normal class because I strongly believe he has loads of potential and that he'll one day outgrow his problems. Nevermind if he gets last placement in the beginning. Because I believe he'll excel one day. Even if it takes years. Every mother believes that. I do.

Oh, his coloring. It was an elephant that Kakak may have colored grey but Iman did it in many colors. The body pink and green, the feet orange, the trunk purple. He drew fishes in sea with a boat afloat. There was man man catching the fishes. He in fact related all those to Dr Hafizah. In fact while waiting for our turn, he sat quietly for 1/2 hour doing shape puzzle lent by a parent. He had difficulty doing a particular one and we went 'oh, macam ni kot'. He pushed us away, he said, 'you go' and figured it out himself.

12.30 noon and we were done in Paediatric clinic. Were given 3 letters for 3 appointments, visual, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Went to Tingkat 1 for visual assessment appointment and rushed to Basement to set the other 2. Nasib baik sempat before 1. Kalau tidak, they'd closed for lunch and we'd have to wait for another hour.

It was our first experience in a government hospital. The thing is, the hospital is huge and going from one place to another surely made us sweat. The wait is long and we got confused from one time to another. The service, not bad. Not bad at all. The cost? Very very minimal. Even to say 'a friction' from what we've paid before is not right! Registration RM30, assessment FOC, ST and OT RM10 each for a session. Am sure glad I paid my tax! (but can we have more facilities to enable more systematic learning for children with special needs instead of that 100-storeys building pleaseeee)

I am bringing Iman for visual assessment this Thursday, his OT on 18th and ST on 22nd of November. On 13 December he has another follow-up asssessment as well as learning disability screening. Loads to do. No pain no gain.

I have to mention here, to get a parking lot is so so susah. Even on the curb semua penuh orang letak kereta. Always bring small compact car like ViVa if you have one so you can menyelit without mengganggu orang lain. And thanks to En Suami who told me to just get the valet service. (well knowing how terketar ketar this makcik can be, finding an empty lot or how menggigil trying to selit my ViVa) Yipeedee. Thank you Yang.

our lunch @ Ani Sop Utara. lapar betul after hours in HUKM

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