Friday, November 05, 2010

Iman's Doraemon Birthday

Remember that Iman wanted a Doraemon cake for his 6th birthday? (Read here) We ended up buying just 2 triangular slices of blueberry cake and bought a small Doraemon figurine made of sugar (I think). It came in a pack of 2, with the other one being an Ultraman. Prefect for the boys.

Nothing much pun. Cuma menyantuni anak-anak. I want my kids to always feel appreciated.

with his fav 'senyum gigi'

the ultraman brothers!

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Zuedin said...

hihihihihi wafiy plan obsession terhadap ben 10 yg melampau. sampai baju ben10 kena sorok..tak sempat kering nak pakai anyway
semoga iman jadi anak yang soleh....dan hebat...amin