Monday, November 22, 2010

Play-Doughing Thier School Hols

ain't no babyfood y'all!

Little something to spend quality time together. I kneaded 1/2 kg of flour (mix with salt, water and cooking oil). Made six different colors for the kids to enjoy. I used the ol' food coloring our moms used in the olden days to make raya cookies. I had the kids teased their creativity at our car porch.

Kakak, Adam & Iman.

Adam kata latt.. latt (ulat)

Iman trying to do a dino. Therapist Ayu suggested making small balls but he decided on something more complicated. Layan je lah.

The result? Good time (albeit some frustrations when things didn't turn out they way they wanted), nice creation and lotsa scrubbing!

butterfly by Kakak


Iman's volcano (gunung hijau with pinkish red lava) and pinkish red pearl on top of clam. For Ummi, he says. Owwww..
rattie rat by Kakak

cattie cat by Kakak. kucing siam ni, mata biru!

ready untuk dijemur


oren said...

chumal lah :)

bleh guna tepung gandum jek ek? napa kena buh garam?

dah jemur, die keras kejung lah ek?

byk tanya sbb mcm best jek nak apply kat bebudak nih :)

ummi said...

akak uli pakai tepung gandum. garam tu tatau le knp kena letk,akak ikut je resepi dr internet. kalo nk thn lama kena masak (but i did not) and tambah tartar sauce kalau nak kasi lebih elastik. selamat mencuba!

Ummu Auni said...

saya selalu buat. cuma guna 2 warna. tak cantik sangat. now i've to add more colours :)

ummi said...

aini ~ food coloring pun not so much. i got red, green, blue, choc, orange je pon.. kl tgk kt internet cam2 kaler ada.