Friday, October 22, 2010

Restoren Saba, Cyberjaya

Alhamdulillah. For the good meal Allah bestowed upon us tonight.

Tebby had a meeting in Cyberjaya few days back, and had lunch afterward in Restoren Saba in Cyberjaya itself. The food was good that he told his boss, he'd be of guilt until he brings me there. You'd better be!

So, he's officially guilt-free tonight. We've just came back from good, delicioux, fulfilling dinner that I told myself I need to do extra rounds of jogging next week. Obviously I over ate (wot's new nway?) Why not this weekend? Well, for one, tomorrow will be my pasar day and Bibik is taking a leave this weekend. I can't jog peacefully with three 'handbags' in tow right? Next week then. Remind me please, of that extra rounds.

Lamb Hanith. We ordered size L and shared this between me and Encik Amsterdam. The rice itself pun sedap that you can eat it on its own. The lamb, tho rich in bau kambing, sangat sedap jugak. So moist and tender that when you dip your fork in it, berlerai lerai daging from tulang. Ya, go on, drool. Memang sedap. This dish, Encik Amsterdam makan lagi banyak dari I.

Ini pulak Lamb Kebab. Sedap jugak. The meat is moist and flavourful. Actually it came with two strips of kebab tapi syok makan punya pasal, dah tinggal seketul baru teringat nak ambik gambar bagai. This, I ate almost all. Fair.

Encik Amsterdam minum air Barbarian ehh.. Barbican ni ha. He had 2 servings of this. I don't like it tho. Too gassy. I settled for something more 'regular' - fresh orange (ops! minum ais di malam hari, not good)

Last but not least, for dessert (ngada-ngada pulak malam ni, nak ber dessert-dessert bagai), I had Chocolate Pudding. The taste is just right, rich in chocolate taste but not overwhelmingly sweet. Served cold. (argghhh, sejuk lagi). I had meant *cough* *cough* to eat just a small portion and bring back some for Kakak but before I knew it *cough* *cough*, all is gone. This I had all for myself. Not fair huh?

That is me in my newly purchased blue-white checkered shirt and my not-so-newly acquired double chin. And zit mark. *sigh*


aida said...

baju checkered tu cantik. sesuai dengan akak :)

Farra said...

agreed with aida, u look younger! eheheh

ummi said...

aida ~ tenkiu. am lovin it.

farra ~ if you see a full photo of me, you'd change your mind he he

K.Lela said...

Barbican..baru je beli 3 botol utk anak2 saya semalam, tapi saya pun tak suka coz gassy...beli kat food court belakang UNISEL Section 7 Shah Alam nama dia D'Arab which sell good Nasi Arab..harga pun reasonable..lamb/chicken Mendi is RM25..yesterday was our second time there..nak pergi Al-Diafah selalu sangat, boleh koyak poket..hehehe