Friday, October 15, 2010

Lake Valley BTHO - Anak Suka, Ibu Setuju

Now that we're a single income family, of course we have to adjust our life in many aspects. Financial in particular. Not to the point that we have to really really make ends meet (this is to not to say we're freaking rich but more of thankful gestures), but hey, save anywhere that is possible without being unnecessarily and patheticly kedekut. Doesn't sound like me huh? Well, I grew up a lot for the past 3 months

*beam* (<---- Even my frens were terkejut I only bought a blouse in 3 months. Err.. actually there's 3. I conveniently left the other two out. But oklah, dulu more that 3 in a month okay)

Our weekly mall outing is reduced to every fortnightly. Sounds pretty insignificant. No? Going to malls with 2 kids in tow (one of them is very very demanding, I must say.. hemm), can be costly. Where can we go and what can we do to enjoy ourselves without having to rip off your wallet (hey, seekor transformers, on the average, is equivalent to 1/3 of my Pasar Kajang spree k).

One answer to that two questions.


There's this man-made lake nearby our house (that lake helps raise property price here, thanks to it), with small playground, ok-ok lah jogging track, lake full with overfed fishes (1/2 of those who come, actually just sits around feeding the fishes. 1/4 jogs and 1/4 dates).

Photo please.. (These were taken last Saturday. It took me a week to actually write something about it)

a home overlooking a lake. *drool*

told ya, the ikans are all overfed. gemuks.

Iman said let's play together. Which means, you push the swing while I have fun

Kakak, trying her hands on the monkey bars (is tat the name?)

Adam, went up and down the slide many many times

woots. sedang gigih mendaki untuk membeli eskrem.

2 eskrem + 1 kopok. still way cheaper than 1 transformers. am getting pathetic hurmmp?

ps - if you have the stomach for something basi oredi, do read my Pre-Eid 2010 entry, here *blush*


myjuliana said...

kak tie, good2.. saya mmg lebih suka bawa budak2 g playground, diorang bleh ekspres diri diorang sampai penat.. sihat dan ekonomi.. then kalau nak main mainan, bawa g toys'r'us and let them play there.. tak beli pon, and mmg tak tunjuk kat diorang kalau nak beli kan mainan.. hehe (sounds kedekut pon kedekutla..) skrg tgh tunggu stock mainan sampai dari sana (mainan carboot!)

ummi said...

julie ~ here where got carboot meh? and btw toys r us boleh main ke mainan kat situ eh? kalau kat mv tu rasanya boleh tengok and pilih and beli je. kalau kat playground tu suker tgk diorang berlari2, panjat2 semua tu. balik berpeluh sakan. wayyy better than dok dpn tv tgk katun jek.