Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hot Chocolate Anyone?

My eldest, she has just finished her final exam for sekolah agama last week and will be sitting for sekolah kebangsaan's next week. For sekolah kebangsaan, In this Hulu Langat area, exams are held simultaneously, with standard questions.

She's quite goon in English alhamdulillah. Science, insyaAllah. Bahasa so-so. Math? Ini subject yang paling getir.. chewah! For the last few days, I've been giving her Math exercise, monitoring her and all. As of today, I am tensed and so she is. I am tensed as to why she can't understand me and she, on the other hand, is stressed as I can't make her understand. She is so me actually. Math and me just don't rhyme beautifully.

After giving some tips and some questions to ensure her understanding, alhamdulillah, she got them all right. Lega. She lega, I lega.

And this is my latest reward system - hot chocolate drink!

She's all smiles when I handed her a mugful of steaming hot chocolate drink. How comforting eh?

Tapi ada jugak yang tumpang sekaki... si Iman pun request satu mug untuk dia. No, Ummi cannot share, ini Iman punya aje. Okaylah Iman. I am sorry I can't give as much attention to you at the moment, nanti bila Kakak dah habis exam, I'll get back to you. You might not even like it he he.


y@tipruzz said...

tis month's PaMa, choc is gud for several reasons - tajamkan minda, kuatkan daya hafalan, ade agen antioksidan, delay ur ageing, n so many give her a mug every night okeh hehehe

ummi said...

yati ~ if that's the case, ummi pon kena minum gak tiap2 hari hihi.

y@tipruzz said...

anyway sedap ke van houten ni? sy penah rasa yg cadbury cam kureng sodap. Mahal dak?