Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fibrecomm's Family Days 2010

Pinjam belakang suami sapa ntah ni. Sorry ye bang, kak..

Dates: 23rd - 25th July 2010
Venue: Bukit Gambang Resort City.
Event: Family Day Fibrecomm Network (the company Tebby works for la, I am not working kan now ni)

All Fibrecomm staffs were given a day leave on Friday but we departed KL well after Jumaat prayer. Iman's class ended at 12.30pm and as usual, only at 12.45pm was he 'released' out. We could not departed any earlier than that. Journey was OK and after cleaning up Adam's vomit somewhere near Karak hiway, we arrived in BGRC at almost 6.00pm. The pool closed down at 7.00pm sp my kids just drooled from the balconi.

First event was BBQ Dinner. BBQ-ed udangnya sangat sedap okay. I just had to have more and more. Got BBQ-ed lamb as well. My kids gawked at the whole-lamb being grilled. Food? Terlalu banyak untuk dihabiskan. Entertainment on the first night was a karaoke competition inter-house (depa siap ada rumah merah, kuning, hijau bagai u olsss) and a clown doing that balloon thingy. We all tak tunggu sampai event habis, anak-anak dah tangkap lentok nak tidor.

menu.. yang panjang berjela..

Ada one girl tu siap order camni 'badut, badut.. anjing putih satu'. The clown had hard time (but he was patient enuff, I must say) coping with demand. Kids from other events swarmed him as well hu hu.

Second night dinner was nasi putih with lauk-pauk. Entertainment was Fuyoo Magic, specially brought from KL. Dik, your last show tu kan, pretty obvious sangat tangan hijau tu tipo punya. Tapi yang lelain tu was really entertaining. I like your dotted card most. There was also live band (comprises of staff and children of staff). Rendition included lagu-lagu dari seberang (ai loikeee) and dari tanah air kita jua.

Atas - Baju belang tu anak ai. Adam.

Bawah - Ni semer harta peribadi staff. Jimat belanja..

Other than that they held telematch and paint-ball. Telematch tu we all pegi tengok aje, tak join. Anak-anak pun taknak join. Paint ball Tebby pegi, while me and kids had a dip in the pool. I am all burnt and dark.. pasni kena tempel lah segala krim pencerahan dengan gigih sekali heh heh. Kali ni tak pegi pon wet-park nya walaupun dah dapat tiket. Main kat pool hotel jekk.

Tangan Iman.. besau kan?

Iman dengan Kakak, sempat lagi bergaduh kat pool *sigh*

Adam. Berenang la sangat tuuuu!!

We departed BGRC after lunch. Stop kat Temerloh for short family affair. Then headed to KL at 6.00pm. Jem sangattt.. sampai BTHO at almost 9.00pm already.

That was our second Family Day with Fibrecomm (probably the last as Tebby's contract is expiring soon). Last year they held it at Pangkor Laut Beach Resort. I did not blog about it for I just had a miscarriage soon after the event.

But anyway, read our short vacation end of 2009 at BGRC here, here, here and here.

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