Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Second Day in Ampang Hilir

Second day went smoother than I had expected. Had some time with Iman makan nasi lemak bawah pokok in the compound area. I asked one of the teachers if I should wait. She said I should go so I went off, balik rumah.

At 11.30am I went again to Ampang Hilir to pick him up. He was all smiles and looked happy. Great relief. Just that he went wetting his track bottom and underwear while doing his business kat toilet heh heh. Lucky thing there was a spare track bottom he could fit into (sans undewear he he). En route back home, we chatted about how his days was. And today, he was so excited about doing his homework that bugged me until I accompanied him doing so.

I drove some 80++ km today coz I made two trips. You see, my situation is, too long too wait but to short to go home and come back. But by going back, I have like 2 1/2 hours to do lunch and some me-time at home (since I can't be seriously lounging around in shopping malls since am not earning own salary he he)

Anyway, I made friends with one or two mothers. It's easy to strike a conversation when you have things in common. It made me realize how lucky I am in certain ways. I may not as lucky as others in other ways. But life is like that and Allah is fair. I believe we all have our own share of plus and minus.


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