Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mari Menghias Rumah

My timing went wrong today. I ended up back in Ampang at 11.45, about 45 minutes - 1 hour before Iman class ends. Today, after sending off Kakak to sekolah kebangsaan at 10am then went shopping (only the necessaries nowadays peeps!) in Carrefour, I had meant to singgah at a nursery pokok. The nursery pokok rupanya tutup on Wednesdays. It was messy to turn back home as I have to get on the hi-way to do so. So, pegi jugaklah ke arah Ampang. Boy, it was so hot yesterday, at times I had to squint my eyes eventho the I am using that transition glasses.

Lucky thing, there's this KK Home Deco (web here) in Ampang, situated on the left hand side as I exit from MRR to Jalan Ampang. KK Home Deco is not really my cuppa where decorating is concerned, but hey, I need things to do to kill time. So KK Deco it was then. Kalau dah menyinggah, tak sah tak membeli apa-apa kan. I had this tempat gantung pinggan. You know, kalau konsep ala-ala English tu kan, hak pesen gantung pinggan bunga-bunga kat dinding. I bought yang ada 3 slots, straight down. Ada lagi pesen-pesen lain tapi cam complicated je untuk selera deko daku ni. The price tag showed RM19.90 but after some discount I got it for RM 7.15. Terkejut acik tapi tanpa segan silu masukkan semula duit RM10.00 sekeping dalam beg heh heh. So here's how it looks in No. 49..

tak cukup 3 pinggan so letak frame gambo satu.
ni seme Iman yang buat, gantung kat paku dan susun pinggan tu..

p.s: -
Anyway, I need some fact and opinion on something. Can we put animal figurines as hiasan rumah? There's this 3-in-a-group super cute black-and-white cats made from wood but obviously they don't have the sifat-sifat yang betul. No tail and the feet are in in fact, cuma dilukis saja atas kayu tu. Drop me some messages ya.

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