Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thank You Perodua

Hari ni Iman school off day. He's still going cuma tak belajar hari ni. Dyslexia Association of Malaysia is receiving Perodua Alza from Perodua as part of Perodua's community and charity programs. The kids were in Rawang this morning as part of the ceremonial program. Sometimes I wish the company I work for does more things of this kind. Raising kids with special needs has never been easy. At least for me. It's neither cheap too.

Anyway, we had to be there in Ampang Hilir the latest by 7.30am. It was raining and a little dark when we left Cheras. Iman ni pulak memang jenis budak yang tak miss breakfast so singgah kedai jap tapau roti canai which he ate in the car. At 7.15am I was still somewhere along the road depan Cheras Leisure Mall. The traffic was congested. Iman looked forward to this trip, I was hoping we could make it in time. Eventually masa sampai kat Ampang Hilir around 7.45am, I saw the gate was still open and the bus was not even there yet. Alhamdulillah..

When I fetched him in the noon, he was all excited. Sampai malam tak habis cerita lagi. Pasal kereta kaler coklat and another in pink (pink??). Pasal lunch ada ayam goreng. Pasal makan jelly. Pasal ambik gambar etc. Last but not least the goodies bag he got. Iya, anak saya sudah boleh bercerita!

To Perodua, thanks a lot. Maybe one or two cars are insignificant to such a big company like Perodua but I am sure such gestures mean a lot to people like us.

More on the event here and here.

Goodies from Perodua.


oren said...

betui..bagi kompeni yg besar, goodies kecik cam pensel kaler, krayon, pencil box tu semua mmg tak mahal mana pun..tapi, ianya mampu memberikan senyuman kepada anak2 kecik kita..

makcikrehan said...

i am proud of perodua *ceh, tetiba jer... hahah*

my hubby works there...hihihi

Anonymous said...


Mak pon turut berbangga ngan Perodua.. heheh my bedmate's been working there for 10 years ardy...


ummi said...

oren ~ iya.. punyalah dia suka dapat semua tu semalam.

makcikrehan ~ u should..

mc ~ ya sila berbangga. Allah's willing, maybe in future takde parent yang kena sampai take leave (like me) to ferry their kids to and fro.