Thursday, July 15, 2010

Iman Kawan Soffeyyaaaa Ajerrrr

Today is the 9th day Iman at Ampang Hilir. Unlike Kakak, he makes friends fast, can put names to faces. He knows that Arish has been absent for 2 days due to fever. He knows the one who sits beside him is Omar (Teacher Sharifah has to seperate these boys as they get too naughty when they are together). He showed me a small birdy sticker which Sofia gave him few days ago. I am glad his social skills has improved a lot. In his previous kindy, he often spent time outside the class, alone.

I make small conversation during our journey back home. You know, about school, about friend, or if he gets a star sticker that day (that is given as a rewards btw).

Hari ni Arish datang?
me asked
Datang. Dua hari Arish demam.
Iman main naughty dengan Omar lagi? (they were caught playing swords using pencils the day before)
Who's your friend? Omar? Arish?
Takkk... Iman kawan dengan Soffeyyaaaa jerrrr.
Sebab Soffeyyaaaa bagi Iman tiker buyummm (sticker burung)

Owhhhhh... anakku.... bertuah sungguhh!!


ijjah said...

keep up iman...

ummi said...

jah ~ :D