Monday, July 05, 2010

Iman's First Day in Ampang Hilir

Iman's first day at Persatuan Dyslexia Malaysia, its Ampang Hilir Center.

Me and other hopeful parents sent our kids on their first day. Contrary to what I had earlier expected, nobody shed tears. The kids had fun running around and played. Iman made new friends. There were few students from the last batch still there. Bubbly Suraya and Afina greeted me and we had good kiddy chat. You know, kids say the darnest thingy. At exactly 8.30am the kids were ushered into their respective classes. Iman is in the Beginners (Longgg way to go but insyaAllah. We've made small steps along the journey, InsyaAllah).

Before leaving for class, Iman had specifically told me not to leave and to stay around. When he's in the class, me and Tebby took our leave and detoured Ampang. Went to Jalan Memanda for brekkie then to Ampang Point beli tights for Kakak (dan tolong tokey kedai bukak pintu kedai, it was da** early). Then we headed for Plaza Ampang City. When it was almost 12.30pm (his classes enf at 12.30pm), we went back to Ampang Hilir and waited there, as if we haven't moved a muscle! When he was me, Iman demanded explanation right away as to where I've been all the while! He must've been taking peeks from time to time. Told him, I had to go to the toilet and there's no toilet there except for budak kecik. He seemed to be buying that idea (I need more excuse for days to come!).

Iman, gigih buat homework. First day, momentum is good. Hopefully remains.

Friends, please pray for our success. I pray to Allah to bless us with smooth easy journey and to bless us with endless patience and passion.


ena said...

all d best to u kak n iman..


ummi said...

ena ~ thanks.. semoga hasilnya 'best' nanti :D

ijjah said...

amin.. sama2 lah kita mendoakan yg terbaik yer.