Saturday, July 03, 2010

Jalan Jalan MidValley

Last weekend we did not bring the kids anywhere. Adam was unwell, he did not get enough sleep and cried for 2 or 3 nights. He began with a temperature, then developed ulcer in his mouth. The result - perut lapar dan mulut sakit. Not so good combination huh. Iman pulak, has just recovered from demam. And today, out of boredom and out of reading material anymore, Kakak demanded that they (she, in particular) be brought out somewhere, to a bookstore particularly. Tebby decided Borders in MidValley because Kakak's favourite Geronimo's are there and so his comic supplies (people, he prefers to put it as graphic novels...).

Since we left quite late, it was time for lunch. Iman, not wanting to waste time, told Tebby to 'bagi keta kat orang', which means, valet parking. First stop was foodcourt sebelah Borders. Kakak had Beef Ramen while Iman makan Roti Telur (and later pow Kakak punya ramen), I had Saba Bento and Shishamo while Tebby had something Korean. Sticky rice eaten with fish grilled in kimchi (I guess, from the red color)

Beef Ramen

Saba Bento


Kakak n Iman, sedang gigih meruntuhkan ais jagung

Tho I know I am not earning my own salary anymore for a while, books are irresistable. Kenot tahan, so I bought 5. You see, my buying and reading habit is already beyond fulfilling that RM1k tax thingy.

Here goes my latest books..

1. The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi.
2. A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick
3. The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards
4. Tapai by Hishamuddin Rais
5. Japanese & Korean Cooking published by Periplus. Ni sebab lately tekak ku asyik nak makan Japanese food ajerr. Jap.. jap.. hari ni dah berapa haribulan ek??


makcikrehan said...

i suka tgok gambar2 mknan u amik kak. clear dan natural. what brand eh camera u? was thinking of buying new one since camera yg dok ada dah mula tersekat-sekat nk kuar masuk lense. [but of coz, nak beli hok biasa2 saja :-p]

ummi said...

makcik rehan ~ digicam biasa ajerr. blom ada modal nak beli kamera ala belalai gajah hak lense besor nun. am using canon ixus. sebelum ni ada guna kodak n olympus. mungkin gak gambar diambil dengan penuh nafsu nak makan, lalu jadi gtu kot he heh

puterikiut said...

alahai sweet je kakak pakai tudung.. comey..