Tuesday, October 31, 2006

post raya 1

alhamdulillah, we came back to a much clearer sky in KL. we shoot off from tgg at apr. 8.30a.m. drove slowly along Chendering in searh of the keropok 008. (it's on your right if you're driving from tgg to kl - with a bright yellow, kuning siyo signboard bearing 008) and stopped for petrol at Gambang petronas where PLUS helly was taking off (much to the kids excitement) and finally stopped by at my hometown on Temerloh for lunch and sending the things they ordered. we were safely home in Cheras at 4.30p.m. alhamdulillah, albeit the long hot journey, we had a safe journey. Iman vomitted once (I think he's prone to travel-sickness, he also vomitted on the way to tgg).

and today kakak has gone back to her pre-school. Iman to the nursery. we haven't gone to work just yet tho. spent the day shopping for provisions, browsing for air-purifier, searching for 12 Dancing Princess DVD and finally home soaking wet from the heavy rain. after a warm shower, we potato-couched ourselves watching The Devil Wears Prada while eating fries and sipping soda. sambil ditemani hujan renyai-renyai. aman.

anyway, how was everybody's Eid? some had food poisoning, some gained back 2 kilos they've lost during the month, all in a week, plus another 2 kilo. some wanting to get back some weight. as for me, part of Eid was celebrated 'sederhana tapi meriah' (sederhana in a true meaning of sederhana I must say) while other part was a bit somber.

we went back balik kampung only on Sunday. we had the house cleaned on Saturday. did some packing and shoot off after Subuh. sampai-sampai di kampung, rupanya we already had a task assigned. buat sup tulang. so there were we, sitting by a big besen of tulang cleaning them while Iman soaked his cars and lorries in that very besen as well. my mum was worried sup tak habis since we had 3-4 kilos of tulang but by 1st raya, the big pot was squeaky clean already! alhamdulillah, on 1st day Eid, orang datang tak putus-putus since after sembahyang raya. we only managed to go out and visit on petang 2nd day. my parents and brothers went during night time, even. it is customary in my kampung, on 2nd day Eid, we'll have this 'tahlil kubur' where we all gathered at the graveyard and did tahlil and doa while designated adults distributed money to the kids. and this year, it was overwhelming. ramai sungguh yang datang. and sempat jugak melawat kubur my elder sister who passed away 13 years ago in an accident. oh, rendang daging, rendang ayam and lemang was all finished by 2nd day Eid. and the kids had wonderful time chasing after the chicken, played hide and seek amonst the semak-samun (one even had his private part bitten by tungau and rushed to the clinic later on), mengerjakan atok's new recliner. Iman melukis meja kayu baru wan, climbed and stood proudly on glass-topped coffee table, tried to eat wan's crytal fruit, switching on and off the tv (much to his cousins irritation).

3rd day Eid, kami balik ke tgg. this i shall blog later. need to brush my teeth and do something to my face. i seem to be getting zits when i get my P lately.


The Singa said...

aktif sungguh iman kat kampung..mesti seronok kan budak berdua tu..

ummi said...

mama singa - he sometimes really get to my nerve, to be frank. maybe sbb tu lah Allah tarik balik his twin. kalau ada dua budak macam dia, adehlahh..