Wednesday, October 04, 2006

kiddy, mummy and daddy

thanks for all the views and opinions pertaining to my kids' health. the haze, today, is worse than yesterday i think. iman coughed a little lesser last night but he still vomitted, once. should you have anything more to share, do not hesitate to drop me a mail at

i'm on mc today. dr said i could've sprained some muscle, hence the pain in my hip when walking. the most vigorous action i last did was chasing after iman in apsh on monday. i was told to do some light exercise. and i was also told the fact that the pain could be very well prolong for a week or two. che abang is also on mc. dr said he may have migraine, hence the throbbing pain.

yesterday, breaking-fast took place in The Basil, Bangsar Village. i accompanied mdh, along with his study group treating their mba supervisor. we had kurma for starter then followed by something that resembles sirih, but eaten with udang kering, toasted coconut slices, peanut, chillies and a sauce. rice was eaten hot with seafood tomyam, black pepper beef and baby kailan. to top that up, we had otak-otak. perfectoo, despite the fact that they ordered in small portions, which can be eaten by me and mdh alone, effortlessly. really. tapi orang belanja, kan. so tak boleh menyongeh banyak. we left Bangsar Village with one cheesy hotdog each (later eaten by the kids tho).

for today, i am planning to serve Ikan Kerisi Goreng, Masak Lemak Sotong, Timun and my husband favorite - Cokodok Udang. since i am on mc, i have ample time to do all that. if we have the time, we may even go to pasar ramadhan later today. btw, the kids are still at Atfal. so that will give me the privilege to cook in peace. okay, duty calls. i'll start with scrubbing the wok first.


The Singa said...

Ketotop tu amende..?

ummi said...

mama singa ~ ketotop tu cam koyok lah. tempek kat tempat sakit tu.

Syikin said...


ummi, 3 hari lepas saya dpt ilmu baru drp doktor. sbb alia kena neb., lelah alia dtg kalau dia kena batuk + selsema serentak. saya tergerak tanya dr. adakah telur boleh menyebabkan lelah. doktor kata telur itulah main culprit utk org yg ada alahan, esp. putih telur. dia cakap, kalau tengah alahan tu, jgnlah makan telur, ia akan memburukkan lagi kesihatan..saya tanya tu, sbb saya duk bagi alia makan telur hari2 even masa lelah dia dtg.

so, kalau yr kids tgh kena asma tu, stop dululah bagi makan telur..boleh pesan kat atfal kan....

ummi said...

syikin ~ terima kasih banyak2 info ni. sangat berguna. ye lah, budak2 kecik mmg suka makan telur, termasuklah anak-anak saya tu.