Friday, October 06, 2006

426 APSH

while i'm typing this, my husband is warded @426 APSH. dr diagnosed him as having gastritis haemorrage and reflux. i am not doctor but what i can sum from the explanation and photos (they shoot a few photos during endoscopy procedure), he has a bad case of gastric (known as gastritis haemorrage) where his stomach lining has been burnt and it bled. it was made worse by the postan he took for the migraine he had (as diagnosed by the other doctor). and the reflux whereby his stomach acid being pushed (sort of) to his throat, making him all wanting to vomit.

the good news is that, those are treat-able but he has to be careful with his food intake. (that means, i have to make sure he doesn't indulge in some food. spicy, hot, sour and carbonated, to name a few. 100Plus included. and the best way to help him is for me to restrict myself as well).

I just hope this episode will be soon over tho another episode may start on Monday. i want to see him all smile and in the pink of health again. i wish our life will return to normal again. it may sound boringly routine but it will be comfortingly sure.

if you wonder, i am coping. i am 32. i have gone through event like this before. hikmahnya, ia mendewasakan! ia mengajar erti kesabaran dan ketabahan. ia pengorbanan. ia tanda kasih dan sayang. kalau dibandingkan dengan saudara kita di Palestine, terlalu kecil dugaan Allah berikan. tidak saya pinta dugaan yang lebih besar. seperti jawapan saya kepada komen Fatin, i have to look at things positively tho it is uneventful.
(Photo ~ us in front of Seoul Tower on our first day in Korea)

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