Saturday, October 07, 2006

still @426 APSH

he's still @426 APSH. dr needs to access his body tolerance towards the new medications prescribed. his discharge is postponed to tomorrow, the earliest. went with the kids to visit and deliver basic necessities to him. before we went back, suapkan Iman and Kakak their lunch. tiba masa pulang, kakak mengongoi menangis, tak mau berpisah dengan abahnya. kenalah abahnya memujuk panjang (kalau esok masih tak discharge, alamatnya pecah lah empang sekali lagi).

after the visit, i went to flag a cab to get home. about 4 or 5 just passed-by ~ some with passanger, some not. 2 or 3 stopped but refused the destinations. dalam panas petang tu, hati pun mulalah panas. kena pulak ada yang potong Q. takdir Allah, satu teksi berhenti dan setuju ke destinasi ummi. we then went to the lobby to get the kids. Iman wailed for abah, kakak sobbed quietly. but we left nevertheless. siap dapat tips from the driver, pertaining to gastric. maybe that was why teksi yang itu yang berhenti mengambil kami anak-beranak. ada banyak nasihat dan ilmu diturunkan. tiada yang mengarut. cuma yang logik dan diunjurkan agama. tak sia-sia berdiri tengah panas ya!

mdh was okay when we saw him this afternoon. he looks much better than days before. hopefully he'll be discharge tomorrow and gets a good dose of mc! (you knowlah kalau mula ke ofis ni ~ oh, you're just discharged yesterday? then after ohhhh and ahhhh, they'll be wondering if you can work overtime that day itself). and after so many years, today i'll be break-fasting alone (apart from the kids lahh). the usual rice menu. chicken soup. maybe an omelette and bits of satled fish. i miss my husband! (the kids are not of so much help either. each time a car passes by, they'll run to the door and scream 'abah balik, abah balik')

the tips to combat gastric (in addition to whatever being presribed by your doctor)
-> soak 3 dates in a glass of milk. leave for 1/2 an hour. then fish the dates out, selawat and eat. after the dates, baru minum susu.

-> he also told me eat dates routinely. in fact, his friend who sells dates said the non-muslims buy dates regularly. and many opt for mariami and kurma nabi.

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