Thursday, October 12, 2006

she's loving it

she's loving it!
with horses and ponies being her current obsessions,
this tshirt with a pony embroided onto it was warmly,
happily received yesterday.
she made endless remarks,


until i gave-up and promise to let her wear this on our midvalley trip this weekend.
i am so very glad she likes it.
(tersenyum simpul when she opened the bag and saw that)

my head was swimming yesterday from Asar time to waktu berbuka. in fact i vomitted a few times before iftar. i felt full of gas and bloated and ate just a bit of rice and some hot soup. hopefully it won't happen again.

Che Abang will be going for an ultra-sound today to further check the condition of his stomach. he looks a lot better and has shed a few kilos i think. i just hope everthing is okay.

Anyway, my sister is giving birth today. i sound so sure, eh. she's going to have a C-sect this morning. her 3rd child and most probably, as advised by doctors, the last one. we'll be seeing them only this weekend before they go balik kampung. pse pray for safe delivery for both mom and baby. this raya she'll be flanked by the powerpuff girls (she will have 3 girls). oh, i need to ransack my house for baby necessities to lend her. as this is going to be their last baby, she didn't buy much so iman's out-grown clothings and feeding sets will be of good use.
(Photo ~ kakak dan abah, ibarat lagu dan irama..)


oren said...

Mira ada gak suh belikan ponnie2 yang iklannya ada di tv..tapi rasanya tak worth kut?

harap2 your hubby will fully recovered..

ummi said...

oren ~ akak ada gak beli ponny tu seme he he. hasben akak alhamdulillah..