Saturday, October 21, 2006

saturday 21st October ~ we're still here..

dates, egg-tart and black-forest

kuetiaw goreng

crab, prawns masak something & lemon-chicken


grilled lamb

sambal kupang & mixed-vege

buttered-prawn and fried-chicken

grilled crab. pretty tough to break the shell. the claws cooperated better.

Thanks for all the Eid wishes. As of today, 21st October, we're still in KL, mengemas rumah, packing things up and the likes. Esok after sahur, we're heading for Temerloh and on pagi 3rd raya, to Tgg. The kitchen is sealed ~ no cooking anymore. Maybe we'll have some burgers from uncle Ronald for iftar today. I'm sure the kids will be delighted.

Iman's check-up yesterday was fine. Except that we arrived at APSH somewhat early (the cars ~ where'd they go?). The waiting was tensed tho. Imagine this. He run around endlessly but I am used to that ~ so no big deal. Then he knocked down a wastebin, sending the top part flung away and scattering the insides. Sib baik it was still early and sampah was very minimal. He switched off the airconds few times, then the aquarium's oxygen (kalau mati ikan kelisa dr tu, harulah nak ganti Iman oii!!). I had to chase him here and there and by noon, I think what I ate for sahur was gone already! He also scared away one little girl. Lucky thing Kakak was at school and not joining the 'fun'. Anyway, he needs to continue Singulair and Ketotifen until the haze is gone. Dr also stocked us up with Brycanyl, Nurefon and Actifed. You know what they say, sediakan payung sebelum hujan. We asked about the usage of air-purifier. It helps to some extent, he said. Choose the one with HEPA. Don't ask. I also don't know. But so far, to my knowledge, for an area like living, the cost may fetch more than RM2k per unit while for a bedroom, a little lesser, maybe RM1.5k. *Gulp!*

Oh, for yesterday's iftar, we ate out. Kelana Seafood in Desa Aman Cheras. The food was good at priced lowly at RM29 per person. We had almost everything. By 6.45p.m, our table was occupied almost to the fullest. Stopped a little while for Maghrib. Then came down heavy rain so we had to stay back and ate some more. Well,... sort of. (Photos are shown above)

Okay peeps, I need to pack things-up. This time around, I am bringing the whole house where the kids are concerned. Clothes, toys, books, food, medications, thermometer bla bla bla bla.. well, you know what they say, sediakan payung sebelum hujan!


siku|at said...

Selamat Hari Raya..
Maaf Zahir Batin..

0-0 ekkk..

Syikin said...

salam syawal,

selamat hari raya
maaf zahir batin