Monday, October 09, 2006

life lessons came the hard way

*all smiles!* HE"S BACK! semalam discharge and at around 5p.m. he was back into our arms again. Iman excitedly greeted abah. Kakak jumped about. and not telling what Ummi did! it was just 2 days and we missed him sooo baddd. as uneventful as it may looked, i realised that i love him, need him more than i thought i did. among the things i always pray for is for our marriage to last without so much hiccup and let there be love till death do us part. it seems Allah has answered my prayer. uneventful things like that does makes our hearts grow fonder and realise how emotionally attach we are to each other. and life lessons do come by in hard ways.
(Photo~Iman lepak kat hospital while visiting abah)

remember this? i realise of late she often insists on getting-up early each morning and to shower before school. (she used to shower at the nursery before going to her playschool). tho at times she does complain (yahh, she wants it but still complains about it) but she's more alert after that (plus sekeping dua roti jem and her morning dose of cartoon network). i admit the process takes my 15-20 morning minutes away and at times mulalah nak panas hati when she buka baju lambat, gosok gigi lambat. but it looks like she enjoys playschool better these days. again, i learned it the hard way. it tests my patience but it brings down my temperamental. doa ibu lebih makbul right? walaupun hassle tapi Allah dah makbulkan permintaan ummi agar kakak lebih berminat dan gembira ke sekolah. and yes, she's coping.
(Photo1~kakak tengah sedih sbb dah nak balik rumah, she said, kakak rindu abah nanti kalau kakak balik rumah~taken on saturday)
(Photo2~kakak tengah sedih lagi sbb abah belum balik rumah~taken on saturday)

iftar semalam was a lot better with him around. we only had re-heated chicken soup from the day before and Stuffed Grilled Squid i did with some help from the little girl (and the little boy he he).
(Photos~texts exchanged seconds before azan on Saturday)

recipe can be viewed here


aida said...

alhamdulillah.. sakit tu kan kafarah dosa

PB said...

berapa lama Hubby dpt mc??

ummi said...

aida ~ you are the very the betul. so, kalau sakit tak baik mengeluh kan.

pb - sampai rabu. khamis kena gi follow-up balik. tgh berehat kat rumah. he's either slumping on the couch tengok tv or tidor or hook up on the net.

ilsa said...

Alhamdulillah dah boleh balik.. memang bosan kan kalau hubby takde! Hmm.. gastric ni ada harapan nak pulih sepenuhnya or after this kena banyak precaution je?

ummi said...

ilsa - after this kena jaga food intake. avoid yang masam, pedas, gassy and spicy. he was so into coke during his student years. and alhamdulillah he's back on his feet. and today dia dah officially in-charge dapur semula!