Wednesday, November 01, 2006

post raya 2

Meet my youngest niece - Nur Lailatul Fazira Husna, born 19th Ramadhan 1427

Meet Nurul Athirah, Nur Rabiatul Adawiyah, Zeti Nur Batrisyia Husna Hafiz

proses membuat lemang sedang dijalankan...

Kakak, Aween and Batriysia. A gang of 3 who dream to be horses..
(don't ask..)

We left for TGG on the 3rd day Eid. We took off Iman’s car seat so you can guess what I did the whole journey. Iman decided to vomit near Marang that we had to stop to do some cleaning. My SIL, who was on the way back to KL saw us and made a turn to exchange salam and duit raya for the kids.

In TGG, we didn’t really celebrate. My MIL wasn’t well. In fact she gets fever, cough, runny nose now and then since she first got a stroke in July/August. In addition to that, her feet and hands are swollen, now and then. While we were in TGG, she was on her back most of the time. She can’t move without help. She needs someone to aid her to bath, to go to the toilet, for ablution and even to put on her telekung. Alhamdulillah she’s blessed with many children (that makes me think about the 2 kids I have now) that can help her. She obviously lost weight and appetite. When we told her we’ll be back for Raya Haji, she said she hope she could do a korban before Allah finally calls her to rest. Please doakan kesejahteraan and kesihatan my MIL.
(Photo ~ kids in the car.. en-route to TGG. Iman's trying out mdh's shade)

Kakak was of help. She helped massage her Tokmi. Helped me with the laundry and housekeeping. While Iman, my oh my…
:: he made ssagong (sagun) out of cookies by rolling, shaking and throwing the cookies container until they were all powdery.
:: made acrobatics using MIL’s tongkat and penyodok sampah.
:: watched TV from the TV rack itself. He climbed, reached for the antenna and did a little samba proudly before any of us could get him down.
:: broke a raga he fetched from the meja solek by stepping and jumping on it.
:: stood on pahar sold in Pasar Payang in his quest to reach out for ssabong belong (liquid soap that comes with a plastic loop where you blow through to make transparent bubbles) hung at a stall (after he tried to rearrange tepak-tepak sirih)
:: dipped his hands in gulai ikan kat dalam periuk.
:: insisted that he was thirsty but kept on spraying out the water he sipped.
:: and his favorite ~ switching on and off endlessly the tv.
:: bang anything onto the tv screen (mind you, it’s a brand new 29inch sony)
He’s a little tester, I tell you. But Allah blesses us with him so that we learn what patience is all about. (imagine had his twin survived ~ there’s the hikmah in losing his twin)
Anyway, seeing her grandson antics, MIL kept on saying ‘le’ le’ macang ayoh die mase kecek’ (translated into simple BM ~ sebijik macam ayah dia masa kecik). Kids will always be kids eh? His dad outgrew all those. Still naughty in some other ways tho ;-)

Did I mention we have a theme song for 1427's Eid? It's a duet by Hail Amir and Uji Rashid that goes 'indahnya sungguh di hari raya, ramainya orang bersuka ria... na.. na.. na..'. Sung by Nurul Athirah practically at every house she visited. Very-very sumbangsih I must say but glad for the courage she had!


yatipruzz said...

comelnyer kakak pandai nyanyi lagu raya sendiri hehehe

story raye k.tie bunyi meriah sesgt..except on ur MIL part...kami doakan mak akak cepat sembuh!

-hensem iman pki speck :p

kakZ said...

salam kembali.

sama rupa anak-anak dara tu yek. rambut pun sama paten.

iman ada kembar? meninggal dah melahirkan ke?

pertama kali tengok lemang masak dalam tin.

ummi said...

yati ~ alhamdulillah. dapatlah raya after 2 tahun raya tak seberapa.

kakZ ~ anak2 dara tu mmh havoc sekampung. dahlah rupa sepesen, sama2 kuat bercakap dan bercakap kuat. sebenarnya kembar iman tak menjadi. masa tu baru 3-4 bulan pregnant. sedar2 pun mmg kantung dia dah kempis. pasal lemang tu, sebenarnya memula rebus dulu pastu baru tenggekkan kat bara api. senang nak control skit and minimakan lemang2 yang hangus!

fatin nabihah said...


Selamat Hari Raya and welcome back to the office... :) malas je rase nak keje after such a long holiday kan.. :)

ummi said...

fatin ~ thanks. selamat hari raya to you and family too. baru masuk keje ke? mmg biasalah tu, kalau dah lama cuti ni, bila masuk balik, 1-2 hari dok tercari-cari motivation tu. semalam masuk keje tak sempat boring sbb banyak benda nak settle.

CT said...

i can imagine how lasak iman is... same like my son yg kekadang memang betul2 mencabar keimanan... but as u said, they are all the greatest gift from Allah that we ever had...
bestnye bakar lemang dlm tin.. never seen this b4.. kat my kg in raub, we bakar direct kat api but kena pandai jaga api so that the lemang tak bekerak... part ni, my father is the expert...

mardhiah12 said...

bestnya raya.

amacam kak tie, teruja ke nak bersalin byk2 lagi :)

ummi said...

ct ~ sabar je lah ada anak gitu. sbb tu kalau nak gi shopping, Iman mmg kena tinggal kat nursery. kalau tak, tak jadi apa. kita pun naik angin nanti. dulu parents kita pun bakar api direct tp sekarang guna teknik rebus&bakar pulak. senang skit.

mardhiah12 ~ kita nak, abahnya yang tak berapa setuju... lagi. tunggu skit lagi kot.