Wednesday, November 15, 2006

motherhood - joy and pain

Life is not always a bed of roses. I consider my life is beautiful. Nevertheless, being beautiful doesn't exclude pain and sorrow from the whole context. Take this for an example. Childbirth is painful. Motherhood is beautiful. They contradict, yet they complement.

The pain and sorrow part is back again into our life.

Kakak demam. It started back about a week ago. mild fever now and then. About 3 days ago, when the temparature shoot to 39d all of a sudden, we started to worry. And when the medications did just little help, we brought her to APSH yesterday. Did a blood test which turned out ok. We went back with nurofen, actifed, butilyn, zitromax and mulacolast. Since I wasn't on leave, she was sent to Atfal, afterwhich, about 1hr later, I got a distress call from Atfal. Motherly instinct told me to go back and fetch her home. I did. I took leave yesterday, which was supposed to be taken tomorrow in conjuction with Midvalley's J-Card day. Kita hanya merancang, huh. Last night she was still shivering with fever. Today mdh is on leave to look after her. Left with just 1 more annual leave, I have been toying with the idea of taking some more unpaid leave. See lahh how nanti.

Other than sharing the story-mory part of it, I want to give out some tips we've been adopting since we embarked the journey of parenthood: -

1. Have a thermometer at home. We used to have the strip-type at home but it did little good. Before we could conclude anything, the strip went out of place already. You may tell an adult to sit still while you read the temparature, but with kids, it takes lots of holding down and at times, yelling too. Then I redeemed a digital-type which gave doubtful readings. Finally, when I was financially better, I bought a Braun's. When the reading is 37.5d, it is borderline fever. When it is 38.5, it calls for an alert.

2. Do sponging and ensure the child is hydrated. Offer him/her sips of water from time to time. He/she may not feel like eating but try to console him/her into drinking. Bathe him/her in pleasantly lukewarm or cool water. No hot or cold.

3. Have medications ready at home. Be well informed on the dosage and 'when' you should give it to him/her. Hence, the importance of a thermometer, in case of fever. And be ready with 'ubat bo*to*'. Bila suhu cecah 38.5-39d, it helps to bring down the heat, fast.

4. In case of 'tarik'/fit, do not panic (easier said than done, I have to admit). Mandikan dia with cool water. Then bagi oral medication or ubat bo*o*. Go to clinic or hospital. Bring along a bottle of water. we never know ada traffic jam ke apa ke. At least we can still do sponging en-route to the clinic/hospital.

5. Like myself, my kids are sent to nursery when I'm working. It can be confusing with all sorts of ubat-ubatan, the dosage and all. I know certain nurseries are very systematic. They have forms and all to fill-up when it comes to leaving the trust to the care-giver, for giving medications. What i do is that I always write a note with kakak's or Iman's name on top. I go by timing rather than type. Example: -

8.00 a.m

~ nurofen
~ butilyn

~ actifed
~ mulacolast.

* -> 5ml

* -> mulacolast -> bancuh dengan segelas air

6. Inform the care-givers on the child allergies, of any.

7. And again, when you got a distress call, I know you feel like flying back home or honking the whole journey through. Stay calm, tell the care-givers what to do. In my case semalam, I told them to bathe her, wet her hair and rub wet towels on her body until we arrived.

I'm not saying I'm good. I just want to share what I learn through my exprience.

Bila dihadapkan dengan situasi-situasi unpleasant seperti ini, jangan mengeluh. Pasti ada hikmahnya. At least I am a wiser person than I was, ain't I?

kakak @tmn tasik permaisuri


CT said...


another tips for cooling down fever kid. tanggalkan segala baju and seluar (let it be only diaper) and lap basah kan the whole body. air kena suam2 kuku. jgn lap sket2, kena make sure badan berair. let it dry by itself then ulang balik for about 20min. if ada aircon, on kan. memang sejuk but actually very good to cooling down. this one i belaja from hosp putrajaya...

PB said...

PB doakan agar kakak cepat sembuh.

Nampak gaya kena beli 'rainbow' tu...

ummi said...

ct ~ thanks for adding up. guna air asam jawa pun bolehkan. nak short-cut and lg bersih, tampalkan cool-fever.

PB ~ rainbow mmg taklah kot. kalau air purifier yang harga dalam RM2k boleh consider lagi lahh.. fulusss..

aida said...

hopefully kakak is in the pink of health ok

CT said...

talking about the asam jawa, i dok teringat gak guna daun bunga raya.. ramas sampai kluar getah2 then rub the whole body.
this one taken from MIL. ok gak...
cool-fever tu kena depends kat anak gak.. like my son, die buang terus once we put it on him. sabo je la..

ummi said...

aida ~ just called her. still demam. nampak gayanya ke spital lagilahh nanti nih.

ct ~ ingatkan nak menyihatkan rambut aje guna daun bunga raya tu. kakak ok je kalau tampal cook-fevel. maybe sbb dia dah besar, boleh bg reasoning. yang Iman pulak, dia pun nak tampal sama walaupun dia sihat sejahtera. kuat cemburu betul dia tu.

Ella said...

ummi... tq for all the tips... harap2 kakak dah ok now... :)

ummi said...

ella ~ thanks. still demam *risau*. pse doakan her well being.

mcatz said...

Get well soon to kakak....

Syikin said...


cemas gak baca pasal kakak ni.

kat rmh ni pun mmg ada standby termometer satu. n anak2 pulak dah pandai, asal rasa panas sikit badan cepat2 mintak termometer tu..

moga2 kakak cepat sihat ya..

kakZ said...

tip-tip yang berguna untuk kita-kita yang beranak kecil. tapi yang no.4 tu seriau sikit nak dipraktikkan kalau terjadi, nauzubillah.

satu lagi..heheh

ummi kena tag..sila ke belog mama ye.

ibuVouge said...

kat umah ivtu ada kotak kecemasan ala iv
maksud ala iv ni bukan kotak kecemasa yg beli kat kedia tu
ini iv punya sendrir, termometer, ubat demam, ventolin, purfeen..mmg sedia ada
iv pun ramas daun bunga raya, esp yg bunga puteh, kalau migrain pun berkesan.kalau ummi ad daun belimbing buluh pun ok..
ini kalau kita panas badan pun elok untuk mandi

mmg motherhood ni berwarna warnikan ummi
setuju dgn ummi setiap kali diduga sebaiknya kita bersyukur , sbb kita diberi kesempatan untuk buat lebih baik..tapi manusiakan..selau lupa
(sorry ummi terpanjang)

The Singa said...

semoga kakak cepat sembuh..
saya pun ada stok emergency kit lebih kurang cam iv, tp semua tu cuma back up..kat sini nak xnak, ubat mmg kena amik kat klinik..alhamdulillah dpt doc yg leh english, so saya leh consult direct..

mawar said...

ala..cian kakak..get well soon Okeh! Mawar selalu baca yg anak-anak akak selalu duk kuar masuk spital..kdg selalu duk terbayang mcm mana la kalau dah sampai my turn pulak. Tapi bak kata org ..growing child mmg mcm tu..adatle budak nak membesar..anyway, take a good care ok.

Ajzie said...

Moga cepat sembuh..

Syikin said...


kakak dh sembuh ke? risau pulak bila ummi tak update entri ni..