Tuesday, November 07, 2006

what really make me a supermom

ready to save the world from evil.
(note the 'A' she has infront of her shirt ~ it's her number, as she claims it)
(illustration by SHE-hero herself)

an asisstant to SHE-hero.
(illustration by SHE-hero)

the answer is ~ because I have a self-proclaimed SHE-hero daughter...
too much cartoon network, eh?


aida said...

she draws nicely. auntie aida bagi 10 stars :)

p/s: dia minat powerpuff girls ke?

ummi said...

aida ~ drawing is her middle name? and she has lots of middle names too, including cartoon-network. she loves practically every cartoon on 62, 63, 64. PLUS, she inherits that gene from her abah. gene of drawing and the liking to watch cartoon. but to come to that, dinding2 semua ada mural..

ummi said...

eh, mind the '?' symbol. tertekan lah plak..

Nero ...... said...

Pandai nye lukis..happy belated bday to Iman..sorry le lambat